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No.580 | Inspired by Le Labo Another 13 – Oriental Woody Unisex

4.83 (6)

No.580 | Le Labo Another 13 dupe | affordable & refillable

Main accords : Musky, amber, woody, powdery, floral, fruity

This opens strong with a metallic musky sheen essence. It’s very long lasting and unique in its DNA.  Metallic woods, ambroxan & iso e super bomb, an extremely unique scent that will get you endless compliments. Almost like a journey, it’s nearly impossible to describe. Right after spraying, it just smells like alcohol, some people would say this smells strong, powerful and others say they can’t smell anything. The wearer will stop smelling it after 10 minutes, but it will keep coming back every so often to remind you it’s still there. It smells so good every time it hits you with a whiff, a little earthy but clean like vodka developing into a clean skin smell, with never-ending compliments. It’s like a magic potion that makes the wearer invincible.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent Inspired by Le Labo another 13 perfume.


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6 reviews for No.580 | Inspired by Le Labo Another 13 – Oriental Woody Unisex

  1. Sophie Murray

    Sophie Murray (verified owner)

    Please bring back the 580 intense!!!

  2. Shan Shand

    Shan Shand

    LOVE This. I swear this smells just like the original, but somehow stronger and longer lasting. I’m grabbing the bog bottle asap!

  3. Jalna (verified owner)

    This perfume has had the most positive comments of anything I’ve ever worn. Even had people turn and walk over to me to ask what I was wearing. It is a lovely fresh clean smell, not overpowering, almost not like a perfume. Lasts all day on me. I love it.

  4. Britt Armstrong Gash

    Britt Armstrong Gash (verified owner)

    This perfume is odd. At first spray, it smells like burnt rubber, really grim. I hate that but 10 seconds later, that vanishes and you are left with a lovely clean, fresh scent. Smells really lovely but it’s a bit gentle for me, I tend to like stronger perfumes. However, pair it with the Baccarat dupe, no 504 and also a bit gentle for me, and it is utterly stunning! That combination is one of my favourites. Absolutely divine so I am just going to have to get a bottle. So, summation: ignore the first spray and, if you like lovely, clean scents, this is for you. If you prefer stronger scents, layer it. Either way, buy it because it is a truly fabulous support act to other perfumes.

  5. Alberto Costa (verified owner)

    I was not expecting much to be honest. Been using the original for years but gotten way too expensive lately so I have been looking for an alternative. This is amazing, at first I wasn’t sure that was smelling the same but after few minutes on my skin I was surprised, also the fragrance stayed on my skin for few days even shower after shower or gym sessions. With just one spray I am good for days. Thank you ❤️

  6. Sandra Clifton

    Sandra Clifton (verified owner)

    This is now my go to perfume
    I absolutely love it
    So many compliments from people telling me how gorgeous it smells
    Long lasting
    Just ordered another bottle

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