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No.541 Minerale Oud | Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Minerale

4.50 (2)

No.541 | Tom Ford Oud Minerale | Vegan alternative

Main accords : Marine, salty, aromatic, amber, aquatic, oud, woody, fresh spicy

This will take you to the beach before you get there. It’s like getting smacked in the face with a wave you weren’t expecting. A very naturalistic interpretation of a cool & cloudy day at a bracing, windswept beach. It will take you all the way to Scandinavia. It is quite unique, somewhat introspective in mood, and a low-key affair. A true work of art, this is a clean, aquatic, salty fragrance. It not only captures the sea notes, but also the rocks and the wet sands beneath the water. The oud is not overpowering in this fragrance – this perfume is so well balanced that you can only just detect it in the background. If you are looking for an aquatic masterpiece, this is the best one in our collection and not for commercial perfume lovers.

You will encounter a putrid seaweed smell reminiscent of low-tide on a hot day. A unique blend that combines the rugged and unforgiving elements of sea with a refined woodiness creating that high level of sophistication. The oud is present and a bit smokey, but overall it’s much more of a Western interpretation of oud. Nice woods with an oceanic sea salt creates a beautiful combination of land and sea. The marine nuances of the scent never actually take you to a tropical beach on a hot day, but rather a cooler beach at night with a bonfire close by. Projection and longevity are both moderate and it is more suited for a nice sunny summer hot day. This is a fragrance to take on holiday and continue using it after coming back home to feel you are still on holiday.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Oud Minérale, Tom Ford.

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Sean Notes, Pink Pepper

Top Note Ingredients

Sean Notes, Pink Pepper
Seaweed, Balsam Fir, Salt

Middle Note Ingredients

Seaweed, Balsam Fir, Salt
Oud, Styrax, Pepperwood, Ambroxan

Base Note Ingredients

Oud, Styrax, Pepperwood, Ambroxan

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2 reviews for No.541 Minerale Oud | Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Minerale

  1. Thomas Martin

    Very pleasant, does what it says in the blurb and is aptly named, having, as it does, a distinct, mineral-esque note, almost like carbonated-water but with a very understated, subtle sweetness somewhere in the background. Understated is the word: I’ve got through my sample bottle quickly because I find I need to use a bit more than with some of the louder fragrances to get my fix although, on the other hand, my clothes still smell of it days a couple of days later. Very fresh and rather moreish, my only real criticism is that it’s a little bit of a victim of its own success as wearing it is so suggestive of natural water that it makes me feel thirsty and want to go swimming. Would certainly consider buying a larger bottle. Lovely for hot weather if you want to feel fresh: just make sure to stay extra-hydrated so your body doesn’t get confused!

  2. Freyia

    This is my favourite perfume.

    I feel like a kinda weird ethereal sexy mermaid wearing it.

    Like the mermaid in The Lighthouse though rather than Disney’s Ariel.

    I just wish you could send the bottles to be refilled.

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