Introducing our head-turning collection of unisex perfumes, where fragrance knows no gender boundaries. Our gender-neutral perfumes are made to appeal to all and transcend traditional classifications, offering a unique aromatic experience. From Halfeti to Tom Ford unisex perfume dupes, we have a scent to captivate and charm every individual. Browse the full collection to find your perfect match today.



What is Unisex Perfume and Why is it So Alluring?

Break tradition with the best unisex perfume. In recent years, unisex fragrances have surged in popularity, catering to a modern audience that values versatility and inclusivity while transcending the conventional labels of ‘men’s‘ and ‘women’s‘ scents. 

Here’s why unisex perfumes are capturing the hearts of fragrance enthusiasts everywhere:

  • Cultural shifts – As society moves towards a more inclusive understanding of gender, these fragrances have become a symbol of this evolution. 
  • Artistic expression – Experienced perfumers have the artistic freedom to blend a wider range of notes without the constraints of targeting a specific gender, resulting in beautiful, complex scent profiles.
  • Shared experience – Unisex perfumes provide the practical advantage of being shareable between partners, friends and family members, making it a more versatile choice for all.
  • Simplicity and versatility – Many consumers are drawn to the simplicity of having a single, standout fragrance that suits any occasion, season or mood. Unisex scents are made with versatility in mind, making them a go-to fragrance that can be worn comfortably all year round.
  • Scent equality – By blurring the lines between ‘masculine‘ and ‘feminine‘ scents, unisex perfumes promote scent equality. They challenge the traditional norms and stereotypes associated with fragrance, encouraging a more open and inclusive approach to personal scent.

Unisex perfumes are the ultimate gift for a loved one. Check out our perfume gift boxes to make friends, family – or even yourself, very happy. 

The Best Unisex Perfume UK

Discover our vegan unisex fragrances and designer perfume dupes to delight all sensory preferences. From refreshing zesty notes to deep, mysterious woods, each scent in our collection harmonises beautifully with any wearer, transcending traditional gender boundaries. 

Here are some of our customer favourites:

No.126 – G2 – Vanilla Unisex

  • Scent Notes: Amber, musk and vanilla

  • Description: This captivating blend is the perfect choice for an evening out. Suitable for both men and women, this scent demands attention. Pair it with your boldest attire and get ready to make a dazzling impression

No.425 Amber Nuit – Oriental Unisex

  • Scent Notes: Amber, rose and pink pepper
  • Description: A gender-neutral perfume fit for kings and queens everywhere! Unique floral notes create a vintage scent, while pink pepper gives it a modern twist. 

No.484 Neroli & Basil – Floral Green Unisex

  • Scent Notes: Basil, neroli and musk
  • Description: A zingy-fresh fragrance is full of character. The lightness of this scent is superb for summer, taking men and women from day to night with one unisex perfume. 

Designer Unisex Fragrance Dupes

If you’re after a quality Tom Ford unisex perfume dupe, then you’re in luck! We have many designer dupe perfumes to choose from inspired by Creed, Jo Malone, Penhaligan’s and more.

Here are a few favourites from our range:

No. 209  Alfeti – Inspired by Penhaligan’s Halfeti 

  • Scent Notes: Oud, amber, grapefruit and saffron
  • Description: This Halfeti dupe is the perfect gender-neutral perfume. This seductive and sophisticated scent allows you to ooze charisma with every spray.

No.247  – Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense

  • Scent Notes: Oud, juniper, angelica and ginger
  • Description: Our Tom Ford unisex perfume dupe is as sensual and smoky as the original. This gender-neutral perfume is made from animal-friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging — perfect for our eco-conscious customers.

No.467 – Inspired by Creed Aventus Women’s

  • Scent Notes: Green apple, bergamot, blackcurrant and musk
  • Description: Enjoy one of the most expensive scents at a fraction of the price. Discover the best Creed perfume dupe on the market thanks to natural vegan ingredients and refillable bottles, making this Aventus dupe the ideal choice for those who care for the planet.

Why Choose Eden Perfumes for Unisex Fragrance?

Committed to cruelty-free practices

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Accessible luxury in unisex fragrances

Formulated with natural ingredients

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Why Wait? Order Your Favourite Gender-Neutral Perfume Online Today

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or just seeking a new everyday scent, our unisex perfumes are sure to increase your confidence. With options ranging from the woody oud and powdery musk to the fresh fruit, there is a unisex fragrance for every taste and every occasion. Dive into our vegan perfume dupe range and find your perfect match today.

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What is unisex perfume?

Unisex fragrances can be worn by any gender. They typically feature a balanced mix of scent notes that are not traditionally categorised as masculine or feminine, making them versatile and universally appealing.

How do I choose the right unisex perfume?

Choosing the right unisex perfume depends on your personal scent preferences and the occasions for which you plan to wear the fragrance. Consider whether you prefer light and fresh notes like citrus and florals or deeper, more robust aromas such as woods and spices. Sampling different fragrances through our sample boxes is a great way to discover what resonates best with you.

What are the most popular notes in unisex perfumes?

Some of the most popular unisex perfumes are Penhaligan’s, Jo Malone, Creed and Tom Ford unisex perfume dupe. Browse our designer perfume dupes to find the best one for you.

How long does a unisex perfume last?

The longevity of a unisex perfume can vary based on its concentration and your skin chemistry. To enhance longevity, apply the perfume to pulse points and consider layering it with similar scented body products.

Can I return a unisex perfume if I don’t like it?

We strive for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not entirely pleased with your unisex perfume purchase, you can return it within 14 days for a refund or exchange, provided it is still in its original packaging and condition.