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No.420 | Inspired by Oud Ispahan – Oriental Floral Unisex

5.00 (2)

No.420 – Dior Oud Ispahan | Vegan & refillable alternative

Main accords : Oud, rose, woody, amber, warm spicy, patchouli, balsamic, floral, powdery, musky

This is our most signature oud-based fragrance and really takes you straight to the Middle East. It’s a sensual mix of earthy oud and patchouli combined with Arabian rose, a concoction that blends floral, earthy and woody tones into one hell of a balanced mix. It’s powerful, punchy and very long-lasting – definitely not something to wear if you’re just looking for something light and casual, but if you’re really into your oud fragrances then you just have to have this one. Its composition makes it equally masculine as it is feminine. It does magic on your skin, too – the rose-oud dry down is something that words can barely begin to describe. Magical, is all we’d say. Give it a try.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Dior Oud Ispahan




Grand total

Top Note Ingredients


Middle Note Ingredients

Sandalwood, Rose, Oud

Base Note Ingredients

Sandalwood, Rose, Oud

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2 reviews for No.420 | Inspired by Oud Ispahan – Oriental Floral Unisex

  1. Rachel Walsh (verified owner)

    My second perfume from Eden and one of my favourite ever perfumes. The fragrance holds all day, it smells amazing and attracts compliments. I wouldn’t get perfumes from anywhere else now.

  2. Heather Bennett

    Heather Bennett

    Firstly this is a risky blind buy unless you know you LOVE powerful oud. This is smoky, earthy wood with a dry middle-eastern rose. Seriously androgynous, and definitely makes it’s presence known. Not one for the office as it’s strong, long-lasting and a head-turner, definitely special.

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