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No.522 Grand Soiree – Inspired by Grand Soir MFK – Unisex

No.522 | Grand Soir maison francis Kurkdjian Dupe | Unisex | Vegan & refillable alternative

Main accords: Amber, vanilla

Grand Soir dupe opens warm and spicy with a sweet amber/lavender. As it dries down, most of the lavender fades away, but it takes a couple hours to disappear. The opening could be perceived as more masculine, but as it disappears the fragrance becomes more unisex. Once it dries down it’s a warm, slightly spiced, vanilla amber. Throughout the wear it feels and smells like the high quality fragrance you would expect. It is always smooth and beautiful.

This smells awesome on a cool fall day. This type of spiced/aromatic vanilla and amber scent is always great in colder weather. Grand Soir never feels too heavy or cloying, it feels like the scent dances all around you instead of being heavy on your skin.

The performance is pretty solid. It coul easily last 8-10 hours with moderately strong projection, a little beyond arms length. After 5-6 hours it continues to project, but more subtly. Grand Soir feels like a special occasion, evening scent for your grand soiree. Smells like something that would pair perfectly with a nice suit and a glass of wine.

Natural Alternative award-winning vegan equivalent inspired by Grand Soir maison francis Kurkdjian Dupe


Grand total
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Amber, Vanilla

Top Note Ingredients

Amber, Vanilla
Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean

Middle Note Ingredients

Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean
Spanish Labdanum, Lavender

Base Note Ingredients

Spanish Labdanum, Lavender

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