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No.664 My Midnight Poison – Inspired by Dior Midnight Poison Women’s

4.83 (6)
Dior Midnight Poison Inspired By :

The clock begins to chime, it’s twelve midnight and magically, as if it were black magic. Dior Midnight Poison has the darkest rose ever created, blended with notes of mysterious patchouli, amber, vanilla, bergamot, and mandarin orange. The quintessential goth perfume bursts with citrus and patchouli and feels like the start of mysterious chase through the dark woods, eventually leading you to a magical meadow of roses and vanilla. Gorgeous in its own way and has a very witchy vibe. Its like a midnight with beautiful, moderate atmosphere and you’re in a semi-isolated place enveloped in romance and poisonous seduction of a hypnotic nature and the smell of enchanting charm emanating from that bottle that resembles the colour of the moonlit night.

The original has been discontinued. It now sells only on Ebay and marketplaces for over £300 a bottle due to its rarity. Our vegan alternative has managed to capture the true essence of this fragrance. For those of you who miss this fragrance our version will blow you away. Its woody and ever so velvety and it will bring back the good old memories into your life. It’s dark and manages to captivate you in a supernatural manner that no other perfume can. This is in no way commercial or trending. If you love to be in a mystical world of power then look no further My Midnight Poison is the fragrance for you. Dark, velvety, gothic and magical.

Natural alternative , cruelty free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Dior Midnight Poison


Grand total
Bergamot, Mandarin Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Bergamot, Mandarin Orange

Middle Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

Base Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla

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6 reviews for No.664 My Midnight Poison – Inspired by Dior Midnight Poison Women’s

  1. Carol

    This smells exactly like the Dior midnight poison original formulation of 2007.

  2. Leann Donaldson

    Leann Donaldson

    I bought this as part of the 3x10ml sample pack. I can’t say whether this smells like Midnight Poison or not, I wasn’t lucky enough to smell that classic but I have always been intrigued about it. This is an elixir strength perfume and it is absolutely nuclear. The performance borders on assault it has enormous sillage and lasts for hours. I have never smelled such a strong citrus as the opening here, the patchouli sweetens it a bit so it reads a bit more like a strong orange blossom. The patchouli is strong, dark and present too. I can’t pick out the rose individually. You definitely only need to spray this sparingly lest you asphyxiate yourself and random passerby. I am going to revisit this in the cold, dark nights of Winter as I feel this is it’s natural habitat, it is too out of place for Summer. This is my first Eden purchase and I am well impressed with performance and packaging so far, as well as the value for money.

  3. Janice (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried the original MP so I can’t attest to the similarity here but this is a unique and exciting scent, quite camphorous and it makes me think of a dark enchanted forest at midnight. The performance is good too with only one spray. As always it smells well blended and the packaging and prompt service with Eden is excellent. I’m still deciding if I love this one or not just based on my particular tastes but I recommend trying it if you’re intrigued!

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    I loved the original and was so upset they discontinued it. Delighted that this smells the same and I get so many compliments, absolutely love it.

  5. Melody Short

    Melody Short

    I remember smelling the entire Poison line in a chemist years ago and this one stood out to me. I remember it as far more witchy and unusual but that’s because my nose has matured a lot since then. Now I just get a lovely, smooth, dark rose and patchouli scent. The dry down has got the slightly medicinal patchouli about it which is obviously what I thought was witchy about it. There really smells like there’s some sort of spice or herbs in it too that isn’t listed but it could just be how it’s blended. I’ve sprayed three different samples on different parts of my body, including Portobello Road which is very strong and sweet but I can still smell this one from my hand as I type. Absolutely lovely perfume. I don’t know why I didn’t think to buy these samples boxes ages ago to try out different perfumes. Maybe because I already knew what I wanted but this is a great way to test out perfumes you can’t remember exactly how they smell.

  6. Naomi (verified owner)

    I have not smelled the original, so I am unable to make a comparison, which I think is best, since then I can appreciate this without focusing on any differences. Anyhow this is a wonderful and unique scent for sure. Dark yet not cloying or heavy to me, well blended, has a quirky semi sweet camphorous vibe that makes you imagine a witch’s brew or an alchemy lab or something without being harsh or strange in an unpleasant way. I actually can’t detect any particular notes, but then again i’m bad at that. And I’m SO picky with perfume but this might well become my newest fragrance obsession which says a lot. Performance is good too. I let the bottle sit for a few months because I forgot about it while trying other scents, and that seems to have made it smell even better I think. I really love it. It’s just what I needed.
    P.s. this is probably best suited to use during cooler temps. Don’t wear it every day, don’t overspray (you won’t need to), save it for the right moments, make beautiful scent associations with it, savour the powerful aroma.

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