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No.597 – Inspired by Les Sables Roses Louis Vuitton

5.00 (5)

Louis Vuitton Les sables roses dupe | Vegan & refillable  – No.597 – Unisex

Main accords: Rose, oud, warm spicy, amber, fresh spicy, floral, musky, metallic

Perfume rating 4.25 out of 5 with 534 votes

This is a timeless scent combining notes of Arabian oud and rose into a heavenly aroma that invokes the magic of the desert. This intoxicating setting captures the hearts and minds of travelers, from the morning when the sun illuminates the sky over the boundless sand to the evening when it tints the horizon a sublime pink. Floating on a cloud made of roses just after sunset. That’s the image that always gets evoked whenever you apply this perfume. This is an airy yet dense rose perfume with darkness around its edges. There’s a realistic warm rose, with more roses. Of course, there’s the aloof figure of oud that chaperones every sniff, but the cool kind that’s happy to sit back in silence and let the roses have all the fun. The blend is dark enough to be worn by either gender and radiates best in colder months or summer nighttimes.
Don’t expect magic tricks, the scent doesn’t very little to deceive its opening to offer different scents as time stretches, it stays in the world of roses from start to its very distant finish.
It will stay on the skin for some time and project like a rocket.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Louis Vuitton Les Sables Roses dupe


Grand total
Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose,

Top Note Ingredients

Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose,

Middle Note Ingredients

Saffron, Black Pepper

Base Note Ingredients

Saffron, Black Pepper

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5 reviews for No.597 – Inspired by Les Sables Roses Louis Vuitton

  1. kalantha dedakis

    kalantha dedakis (verified owner)

    This smells incredible! I already know I’m going to buy the biggest bottle of this once my 30ml runs out.
    Such a beautiful floral but almost spicy scent and got loads of compliments! I want it in a candle!

  2. Shawn K


    Crisp, clean rose on top of an earthy oud. A hint of silkiness from the saffron to tie it all together. Straight out the bottle, the oud outperforms the other notes, but as the day progresses the rose and saffron slowly peek out. On clothes, much more clean rose, but on direct skin more of that funky oud. As for the longevity, the floral notes are still faintly present on clothes, up to the next day. Absolutely love it.

  3. Joanna

    I bought this on recommendation and love it. The combination of rose and oud is heavenly. The first time I wore it I visited my friend and her ten year old daughter said “you smell joyful.”

  4. Monika Świercz


    Wow, just wow! It was recommended to me, as I like rose scents, but boy do I not get along with heavy oud ???? this is such a subtle oud though, it does comes through at times, but is extremely subtle and delicate. When I wear this, I can’t stop taking big breaths of it, when i sprayed it on my friend, I could not help but lean towards her all the time, it is really magic in the bottle!!!

  5. Deborah

    I absolutely love this perfume, it lasts for ages and I get so many compliments. Defo getting the biggest bottle next time!

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