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No.665 One Umbrella for You – Aromatic fruity | Unisex

5.00 (1)
One umbrella for two | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.665
Main accords : Fruity, woody, green, soft spicy, floral, aromatic

The opening is phenomenal – smells exactly like freshly baked black currant cookies. Pleasant, creamy and fruity with a touch of sweetness but tea-like sweetness so nothing that’ll feel cloyingly sweet. A yummy, jammy scent with a cosy base. Very unique, nothing like any other fragrance. After a few hours this veers more powdery but in a shaving cream sort of way. The most comforting and enveloping deep berry/rhubarb scent. Very interesting, not even remotely similar to anything you have ever smelled before. Certainly this is a novelty type scent that gourmand enthusiasts will definitely enjoy. Great afternoon tea kind of fragrance.

Natural alternative , cruelty free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by One Umbrella for Two Floraïku


Grand total
Black Currant, Cyclamen

Top Note Ingredients

Black Currant, Cyclamen
Tea, Rice

Middle Note Ingredients

Tea, Rice
Cedar, White Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Cedar, White Musk

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1 review for No.665 One Umbrella for You – Aromatic fruity | Unisex

  1. Malati DS (verified owner)

    The opening smells like blueberry muffins or blueberry sweet bread. The dry down smells like sweet berries on background of sweet bread and a bit of tea. The perfume smells amazing. It’s not so gourmand or sickly sweet.

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