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No.501 – Silver Ginza – Inspired by Ginza Shiseido

Ginza Shiseido Dupe | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.501

Main accords : Woody, floral, fresh spicy, sweet, patchouli, fruity, soft spicy, white floral, warm spicy, aromatic

It starts off with really strong red fruit/berry smell. It is a sweet smell, therefore it didn’t smell like pomegranate. The pink pepper, is what gets masked and unnoticed by people, due to the undried sweetness. You get get freesia, magnolia and patchouli. This fragrance is great and a crowd pleaser, however the outcome is similar to other fragrances in our collection like 463 and 564. Modern , pretty fruity, and definitely for going out at night.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance to Ginza Shiseido


Grand total
Pomegranate, Pink Pepper

Top Note Ingredients

Pomegranate, Pink Pepper
Orchid, Freesia, Magnolia, Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Orchid, Freesia, Magnolia, Jasmine
Patchouli, Hinoki, Sandalwood

Base Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Hinoki, Sandalwood

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