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No.069 Womaniser – Woody Women’s

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This fragrance is an absolute must for fig-lovers. Fig, fig tree and fig leaf combine to produce a perfume that is earthy and woody, but at the same time fruity and just that little bit sweet. The fruity notes of the fig fruit compliment the woodier base notes and create a very balanced fragrance. An ideal scent for autumn or winter, or whenever you’re feeling like stepping into a day where mojo and productivity rule the roost.


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Top Note Ingredients

Fig Tree

Middle Note Ingredients

Fig Tree
Fig Leaf

Base Note Ingredients

Fig Leaf

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2 reviews for No.069 Womaniser – Woody Women’s

  1. JD (verified owner)

    The description is accurate, fruity without being too sweet and has an earthy base. Different without being too dramatic. I’m a hairdresser so work closely with people and this isn’t too unusual or strong for proximity. Wears well. It doesn’t last at strength an entire day, I sometimes top up at lunch, but in a way that’s handy as I can also let it wear off and apply a different evening scent without conflict. This also layers well with a vanilla woody scent.

  2. Kat Zaremba

    Kat Zaremba (verified owner)

    I was looking for a cruelty free & phthalate free dupe of my favourite perfume – Womanity by Mugler. I was a bit sceptical ordering this as the only indication of the likeness was the fig notes, with no mention of the salty caviar notes. However, when it arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised – it smells EXACTLY like Womanity! I’m so pleased I’d found my new everyday perfume 🙂

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