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No.604 Apogé – Floral Women’s

4.50 (2)

Apogée Louis Vuitton | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.605

Main accords: White floral, floral, citrus, fresh, woody, rose, musky, green, powdery

The lily-of-the-valley ascends to blissful heights. Some getaways let us reconnect with ourselves by placing us before the immensity of nature. The chance to commune with the planet feels like a renaissance. Apogé illustrates this sensation with a poetic elixir of innocence. A radiant lily-of-the-valley enlaces with petals of jasmine, magnolia and rose. A base of subtly smoky guaiac wood and sandalwood essence support the bouquet like slender stems reaching skyward.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by to Apogée Louis Vuitton


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Tangerine, Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Tangerine, Orange
Lily of the valley, magnolia, rose Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Lily of the valley, magnolia, rose Jasmine
White musk, Guaiac wood, Sandalwood

Base Note Ingredients

White musk, Guaiac wood, Sandalwood

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2 reviews for No.604 Apogé – Floral Women’s

  1. Leonie

    I bought it in a sample kit and since I don’t know how the original smells like I’m not entirely sure how to rate it. It smells nice and my bf likes it. However I feel like it smells to grown up for me personally. I’m 21
    I love Delina and Glossy and Mojave spirit though!

  2. Joanna Downey (verified owner)

    Deliciouly floral & long lasting this is one more to add to my list of Eden favourites. I particularly like that it stays true & doesn’t soften or alter throughout the time I’m wearing it.

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