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Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe – No.504

5.00 (18)

Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe | Unisex | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.504

Main accords: Woody, amber, warm spicy, fresh spicy, musky, aromatic, metallic

Introducing Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe:

The perfect choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and elegant fragrance that is affordable. This product is a unique dupe of the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 scent, which has become a cult favorite among perfume enthusiasts.  Whether you’re going out on a special date or just want to spruce up your everyday attire, Our version is guaranteed to make heads turn and leave an impression wherever you go.

It is one of the best recreations we made this far. This perfume is pure luxury and sophistication in a bottle, smells like it’s come straight off the aisles of Harrods. The champion of oriental florals. A sweet caramelized amber concoction that smells really expensive and is not in the slightest bit commercial. The perfect go-to fragrance for a Parisian runway model, be they male or female.

It starts off vanilla sweet and fruity-floral, before drying down into an exotic, woody-amber elixir that sits on the skin for hours. You’ll still be smelling it the next day, and don’t even get us started on the compliments you’ll be receiving from wearing this.

The original Baccarat Rouge 540…

The original sells for over £200 simply because it is sold in luxury department stores. Our alternative sells for £24.  It’s the perfect expression of refinement and grace. Its subtle yet powerful alchemy creates an amber, floral, woody sensation that nestles against your skin like a gentle summer breeze. Currently the best-selling perfume in the world.

Natural Alternative award-winning vegan equivalent inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.



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Jasmine, Saffron

Top Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Saffron

Middle Note Ingredients

Fir Resin, Cedar

Base Note Ingredients

Fir Resin, Cedar

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18 reviews for Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe – No.504

  1. John Carter

    Amazing scent with long lasting smell

  2. George Thomas

    Very lovely smell and longer lasting fragrance, this fragrance last a week on clothes.

  3. Dawn Speke

    Dawn Speke (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous- love it!! Smells just like the original and always get lots of comments when I wear it.

  4. Hannah

    I’ve had so many compliments on this perfume ? from Asda to doctors appointments ? and I always direct them to the Eden Perfumes website ??
    Thank you for making such a gorgeous fragrance ?? xxx



    This one is a faithful remake that has good projection and lasts a while on skin. Pretty close to the original.

  6. Shawn K

    Shawn K

    Sweet, light, and wonderful. Like candy floss made out of fresh mountain air. You just can’t get enough of it. Divine.

  7. Nicole Solis

    Nicole Solis


  8. Clare

    This is absolutely fabulous dupe. I get stopped and asked lots what I am wearing. Lasts amazingly too. I always direct to Eden. By far the best I have Found.

  9. Jane Reynolds (verified owner)

    Long lasting amazing scent!

  10. Henry B

    Very nice, like warm candyfloss in the freshest way possible, smells edible and gently radiates of your body as the day goes on. Insanely long lasting, if you put this on in the morning, you can smell it on your skin the next morning. Sillage is also incredible, you can almost feel the trail behind you and sometimes i catch muself walking back into the air i went through just to smell it.

  11. Liz

    I was at a photoshoot today with about 15 people, one of whom was wearing this. *Everyone* loved the scent, and I think she may have sold a load of bottles just by wearing it. I’m about to buy one now.

    No idea how close it is to the original, but it smells bl**dy amazing!

  12. Rebecca Howley

    Rebecca Howley (verified owner)

    this is my favourite perfume ever now! got a sample first to make sure i like it and ended up ordering full sized bottles for me and my mum! highly recommend

  13. Regina Deeprose (verified owner)

    Five star it’s for my daughter

  14. Daniel Olusanya

    Daniel Olusanya (verified owner)

    Smells heavenly

  15. Britt

    Bought this at the shop yesterday and sprayed it on me. Went to John Lewis and tried out the real thing as had never smelt it. They are almost identical on my skin. If anything, I prefer Eden’s version! Just gorgeous.

  16. Kristina (verified owner)

    Received today and love them ❤️

  17. Leonie

    I ordered it as a sample and never smelled the original, was curious what the hype was about. At first I was a bit disappointed, it smelt sweet and somewhat strange.. However, after the 3rd wear I became so obsessed with it! I feel it smells expensive and so nicely sweet without being too edible smelling. Now I just want to have this scent around me every day haha ???? I can’t really describe it but I love it

  18. Ema Trkulja

    Absolutely amazing! Smells exactly the same whilst being extremely affordable. The scent is intense and lasts forever. I always get many compliments and my housemates joke that they can smell my fragrance the second they walk into the house.

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