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No.211 SEXY MAN – Amber Fugere Men’s

212 Sexy Men | Handmade vegan refillable alternative | No.211

Main accords: Vanilla, woody, powdery, warm spicy, fresh spicy, citrus, floral, aromatic, musky, amber

Start with lemons and spices, and then it starts to get warm, as it warm up the lemons fade and you get vanilla and musk. Very masculine. and it smells like a fragrance has been on for a couple of hours at least not a bad smelling type of sweat, It has a dry dusty sweaty but Sexy vibe. Can be polarising as it’s slightly floral and heavy on the vanilla. The opening is not harsh, its very smooth and projects well. Very good for fall and winter.

Natural alternative cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men.


Grand total
Mandarin, Bergamot, Green Notes

Top Note Ingredients

Mandarin, Bergamot, Green Notes
Flowers, Cardamom

Middle Note Ingredients

Flowers, Cardamom
Vanilla, Guaiac, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Vanilla, Guaiac, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

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