Best Selling Women’s Fragrances

Wearing perfume is about more than simply smelling nice. When you find the scent that suits you, it boosts your confidence and, therefore, your mood. But where do you start searching for that special fragrance that can set your day on the right track? You can begin by researching the best-selling women’s fragrances on Eden Perfumes, the 2022 winner of the Veggie Awards.

Eden Perfumes carries a vast collection of customer favourites, guaranteeing you’ll find what you’re looking for in one quick scroll. So, when you’re ready to discover what you’ve been missing out on, trust us, rated 4.5 stars by Trustpilot. To point you in the right direction, keep reading to learn about our top five most popular fragrances.

Why Eden Perfumes?

Our Pledge to End Animal Cruelty With Each Best-Selling Perfume for Ladies

Eden Perfumes offers popular women’s scents that are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Alongside our endorser, Naturewatch Foundation, we do our part to help end animal cruelty.

Making Best-Selling Women’s Perfume Better for the Environment

We also make great strides to protect the earth by swapping most Eau de toilettes with Eau de Parfums, the latter having a higher concentration of natural ingredients (essential oils). More oil also indicates a stronger fragrance that lasts longer, giving you more of a bang for your buck.

We spend less on marketing and packaging (reducing waste) and more time perfecting our scents. What packaging we do have, we try to keep in circulation by encouraging our customers to send us their empties for refills to create less landfill waste.

Reenvisioning the Top-Selling Women’s Perfumes for Cost-Effectiveness

Our best-selling women’s fragrances can also save you a pretty penny. Our team works diligently to replicate your favourite scents right down to the exact main accords and undertones. That way, you can receive the classic scent you’ve always loved without paying hundreds for the actual brand.

Criteria for Top-Selling Status

Now that you know what makes our brand stand out, let’s delve into what makes each of our top-selling women’s perfumes our most popular choices. We observe trends like sales data to determine the fragrances and dupes with the most customer appreciation. We also factor in what our customers say with customer reviews and ratings.

Our top women’s perfume choices range from 4.45 stars to perfect five-star ratings and leave customers with nothing but good things to say, like how the scent doesn’t smell like chemicals or cheap. Other common concerns many perfume wearers have with the original perfume that they don’t experience with our dupes are skin irritations and allergic reactions since our alternatives are all natural.

The 5 Top-Selling Fragrances for Women on Eden Perfumes

No.015 – Inspired by Dior J’adore

This Dior J’adore dupe is part of the floral fruity family, with the keynotes of pear, melon, and mandarin orange perfectly mixing with the powdery white floral and tuberose scents. The scent is airy enough to make you feel romantic and sensual during a long day. However, the base notes ground the fragrance in musk, blackberry, and cedar, perfect for a night on the town, and customers are taking full advantage.

One comment raved about how the purchaser’s significant other loved the fragrance, and another who shared a similar experience pointed out all the passersby who stopped and asked her what she was wearing. This five-star dupe inspired by Dior J’adore is enough to turn heads daily.


No.618 Boudior – Inspired by Boudoir Vivienne Westwood

The second on our list of best-selling women’s fragrances is Boudior, inspired by the discontinued Boudior Vivienne Westwood. We recaptured the warmth and sensuousness that first appeared in the early 90s by supplying base notes of tobacco leaf, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla. These long-lasting undertone scents make this fragrance ideal for parties and evening events.

However, the first thing you’ll smell with each spritz is top and middle notes laced with the sweet and floral air of orange blossoms, marigolds, carnations, roses, jasmine, and Narcissus. According to the reviews, many would also describe the overall scent as flirty and sexy but lighter than the original since it has 20% of the intensity of the actual brand’s version.

Therefore, this 4.87-star alternative is ideal for those who want something less punchy but still strong enough to make an impact.


No.309 Daisy perfume dupe – Floral Woody Musk

Just like its namesake, this Daisy dupe is subtle yet appealing with its summer-like top notes, including wild strawberry, blood grapefruit, and violet leaf. Its softness also stems from the gardenia, jasmine, and violet middle tones and white woods, vanilla, and musk base notes. This makes it one of the top-rated women’s perfumes for daytime outings, whether you’re in the office or having a park picnic.

Many customers point out that while its freshness makes it less suitable for nighttime wear, it has become one of their favourite scents to throw on in the morning. Also, while some say this fragrance mirrors the original Daisy product to a tee, others say it’s denser and more distinct smelling than the latter, making it the more preferable of the two with a 4.67-star customer rating.


Black Opium Dupe – No.030

Among the best-selling fragrances for women is Black Opium Dupe, which has a 97% similarity to its original counterpart. This more economical alternative to the original Black Opium perfume mixes spicy and sweet top notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, and pear with the more earthy and warm aromas of the coffee and jasmine middle tone and vanilla, patchouli, and cedar undertones.

While great for all vanilla lovers, it’s a modern and edgy fragrance perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement in their evening wear. According to reviews, the scent easily passes for Black Opium and lasts a long time, making it noteworthy and recommendable as one of the best-selling women’s fragrances.


No.657 Glossy – Inspired by Glossier You

Glossy is definitely one of the more simplistic fragrances on this list, proving perfect for even the most casual of outings. It has one top, middle, and base note comprising white musk, powdery notes, and iris, respectively, which creates a casual and comfortable floral scent. These flowery fragrances inspired by Glossier You best complement spring and summer with a warm, clean, and natural smell.

But what really makes this perfume stand out is that it doesn’t feel like perfume at all. Its subtlety earns it the phrase “your natural scent but better,” which is what many customers have also pointed out. Many claim this 4.45-star product is delicate enough for those who are too sensitive to traditional perfumes. Others state it’s perfect to wear to bed and around the house when you’re looking for a bit more oomph.

Choosing Your Signature Scent From Eden Perfumes

Once you know what perfumes you like or want to try, type it into the search bar on Eden Perfumes, and we’ll provide you with our best dupes. However, if you’re unsure of what you want, you can also search for flavours like tobacco, coffee, or vanilla to receive options best suited to your preferences.

For instance, if you’re looking for everyday wear or something for after showers, stick to light floral and powdery scents. However, if you want to turn heads at an event or night out, deeper spicy or woodsy fragrances are best.

Caring for Your Fragrance

Once you finally find the best-selling women’s perfume for you, keep it in mint condition by:

  • Storing it away from bright, indirect light and humidity that break down the essential oils
  • Keeping it out of the cold, which destroys scent molecules and reduces overall perfume depth and longevity
  • Refraining from shaking the bottle, which exposes the scent to the air trapped inside and destroys the fragrance quality

Find Your Signature Scent!

Do you want a signature scent that will have others thinking about you every time they smell it? Not only can high-demand women’s perfumes flatter you but they can also show off your personality, which makes choosing the right one crucial.

So, when you’re ready to discover yours, visit, one of the best women’s fragrance sellers, to uncover our featured fragrances and special offers. Once you find yours, share your victory story in our comment sections. So, sign up for Eden Perfumes newsletters to receive updates on the latest drops and upcoming sales and check out our inventory of best-selling women’s fragrances today!

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