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No.657 Glossy | Inspired by Glossier you – Womens

4.45 (11)
No.657 – Glossy | Glossier You Perfume Dupe | Vegan & refillable alternative
Main accords: Powdery, musky, iris

Glossier You is warm, light, sunny, flirty fun. It truly feels like my everyday personality in scent form. It’s a little too casual & comfortable to wear to work regularly. It could be worn in any season, but it’s better to stick to Spring & Summer. Glossier You is pretty, it is comforting, and it really does enhance everyone’s natural smell. Clean, warm skin. The only fragrance you can confidently grab for any occasion and you will fall in love with it over and over again.

Even though this is advertised as a unisex fragrance it definitely leans more feminine. It’s Iris heaven that continues smelling clean. Imagine a girl with a ribbon in her hair, soft makeup, little high heels, long girly coat, she’s running out of the hair salon in the pouring rain with an umbrella in her hand and the happiest smile on her face! It’s not shampoo soap clean, but a beautiful clean scent that will remind you of petrichor and cloudy days, like rain on a black tar road and wet woodchips. Clean heaven! Blended so perfectly it’s hard to pick out singular notes. The iris is so delicate and pretty. Powdery but youthful, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower fresh and clean. It’s also peppery and evocative. This is it! The perfect “your skin but better” scent. Compliments are going to be flying in like crazy.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent clone perfume inspired by Glossier you perfume dupe


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11 reviews for No.657 Glossy | Inspired by Glossier you – Womens

  1. Leonie Gehrke

    Leonie Gehrke

    Oh my god 😍 this is the perfect your skin but better scent, like coming out of a bath. My boyfriend loves it too. Really like it for before bed or if I don’t want to wear perfume but want to smell clean. You definitely get the musk and some spice. Never smelled the original before

  2. Chandra Catron

    Chandra Catron (verified owner)

    My new favorite fragrance! The smell is fresh and light with a hint of pepper spice. Very long lasting too. I am sensitive to perfumes and can get migraines easily from scents, but this does not trigger migraines for me yay!

  3. Chandra Catron

    Chandra Catron (verified owner)

    Beautiful long lasting light fresh scent that doesn’t trigger my migraines. Love it!

  4. Elena (verified owner)

    I was a bit scared as I never smelt the original and I’ve read many mixed reviews, but I am absolutely in love with the scent!!! I am extremely fussy when it comes to perfumes, and I’ve been looking for a clean but not to sweet scent for ages! I am completely satisfied, would totally recommend and Eden has a new really happy costumer ????????
    I would like to add that having tried several “dupe companies” before, this is the very best and the only one I’ve been completely satisfied with!!! The perfume does not smell chemical or cheap AT ALL! ????????????

  5. Karoline Sophie Nanfeldt

    Karoline Sophie Nanfeldt (verified owner)

    To me, this starts out smelling almost woody with not a lot of sweetness and the first hour or two I’m not too keen on the smell. Throughout the day, the sweeter notes get stronger, but it isn’t as much of a “I just smell naturally gorgeous and clean” scent as I had hoped. To me it is too natural with the wood smell with not enough freshness nor sweetness – it is borderline unisex to me. I haven’t smelled the original so this was a bit of a rogue choice, but unfortunately don’t think this is one I would buy again or have as a favourite. This isn’t anything to do with Eden’s quality though which I’ve been so impressed by.

  6. Elizabeth Dickinson

    Elizabeth Dickinson (verified owner)

    You is literally my favourite fragrance so I was excited at the prospect of a dupe. I’ll start off by saying it doesn’t smell the same. It’s similar, but definitely not the same. You has a certain something something which makes it absolutely irresistible to me (and to others around me when I wear it) which this was unfortunately lacking. I found it wasn’t as strong and long lasting as I hoped either. Which is the reason for deducting a star.

    The scent itself is very nice though. The pink pepper and woody notes at the beginning are perhaps a bit too much. Too bodily? Almost a little BO like. However once it has worn in a bit the sweet, creamy, powdery notes come through and it’s really pleasant. I have the You solid perfume which has never been strong enough for me on its own so I’ve been layering this over the solid perfume and it works pretty well.

  7. Katie Farrar-Daniel

    Katie Farrar-Daniel (verified owner)

    For me the smell is not that strong and fades very quickly. Does smell nice though

  8. Susanna Hook

    Susanna Hook (verified owner)

    I bought this as Glossier You has gone up in price & I’ve been showering myself in it as it’s such a gorgeous scent! I had low expectations as the last dupe perfumes I bought from another company were ok but quite chemically – this one smells almost exactly the same!!! It smells warm yet fresh and not overpowering. I’d say the staying power of it isn’t amazing but it’s perfect for having in your handbag to spray throughout the day.
    Honestly so pleased – I’ll be buying it in 100ml for sure!

  9. Helen Szymura

    Helen Szymura (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful scent, light and powdery and floral and fresh and just right for the summer! Unfortunately it doesn’t last on me (presume this is just my body chemistry vs the perfume) and I used my bottle up very quickly as I was spraying it so heavily – the bottle I received was in a white box not the black pictured online so don’t know if it’s a lighter version and that’s why it doesn’t last on me (the other Eden perfume I have came in a black box and lasts all day and beyond). But it’s still a beautiful scent, very feminine and I’m happy I had it to use this summer.

  10. Siobhan

    Absolutely stunning scent! I haven’t tried the original due to mixed reviews after they changed the formulation but this scent from Eden perfumes is absolutely amazing. Definitely going to get my hands on a bigger bottle!

  11. Claire

    I bought this on a whim and I’m delighted to say it’s filling a gap left empty by the long discontinued Infusion l’homme by Prada. (The one that was in a similar bottle to the women’s infusion d’iris but with a white label and lid).

    If you’re looking for that beauty then this will step in nicely.

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