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Rediscover the classic fragrances you love with Eden Perfumes. If you’re after the most sought-after discontinued designer perfumes, our curated collection offers you a second chance to experience the luxury and elegance of the world’s most beloved scents. From Stella by Stella McCartney to Armani Sensi, you can find the best dupes of old perfumes to recreate these timeless scents with precision and ethical integrity. Browse the full range below to find your favourite discontinued perfumes today.


The Best Discontinued Perfume Dupes UK


Are you trawling the internet looking for your favourite scents only to find they cease to exist? Luckily, your search is over because we have an extensive range of discontinued designer perfumes to buy online. 


Our fragrance dupes stand out in the market thanks to their natural, vegan ingredients, catering to customers who want to smell great without the guilt. Plus, our refillable perfume bottles offer a sustainable approach to investing in beauty. 


Keep the fragrance you love close by forever more with our vintage perfume dupe collection available online at Eden Perfumes today.


Stella by Stella McCartney Perfume Dupe and More!

091 – Stella 

Inspired by the original Stella McCartney perfume, a spritz of this vegan fragrance will have everyone asking what scent you’re wearing. 

618 – Boudoir 

If you’re someone who’s asking ‘Where can I find Vivienne Westwood Boudoir’ you may see some expensive versions online. If you want an affordable Boudoir dupe, we have the perfect natural perfume, inspired by this stunning, sensual scent. 

042 – NV

The perfect Gucci Envy dupe, made from vegan, natural ingredients So, transport yourself back to the early 2000s with this enticing scent infused with crisp citrus and soft floral accords. 

664 – My Midnight Poison 

Many people were devastated when Dior Midnight Poison was discontinued. If you’re a fan of this fragrance, look no further because our Dior dupe is a close replica of this magical, bewitching scent. 

032 – Miss Cherry 

Fruity and floral, our Miss Dior Cherie dupe is perfect for those who still long for this iconic, feminine fragrance. Formulated with natural, vegan ingredients, you can enjoy this vintage perfume dupe without harming the planet.


Why Should You Buy Perfume Dupes Online at Eden Perfumes?

✓  Committed to ethical practices & cruelty-free standards

✓  Premium vegan perfume alternatives

✓  Eco-friendly, reusable perfume bottles

✓  Outstanding 4.7/5 ★ rating on Trustpilot

✓  Luxury within reach

✓  Natural ingredients

✓  Committed to 100% customer satisfaction

✓  14-day guarantee

✓  Sample boxes available

✓  Wide range of perfume dupes to choose from

Reclaim Your Favourite Scents Today

At Eden Perfumes, we bring you an exquisite collection of high-quality vegan perfume dupes, created to mirror the classic fragrances you love. Our commitment to cruelty-free practices and sustainability ensures every spritz is a step toward a better planet. Shop your favourite old perfume dupes online today.

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