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No.687 – Inspired by Giorgio Armani Sensi – Womens

Giorgio Armani Sensi dupe | Vegan & refillable – Amber Woody

Main accords: White floral, sweet, almond, nutty, amber, woody, fruity, citrus, balsamic, warm spicy

Perfume rating 4.30 out of 5 with 2,699 votes

This is a captivating olfactory masterpiece that beckons the senses with its timeless and sophisticated allure. This fragrance is a celebration of sensuality and femininity, encapsulating the essence of a modern woman who exudes confidence and grace.

The composition opens with a burst of freshness, featuring luminous top notes that dance delicately on the skin. As the fragrance evolves, a heart of rich and intoxicating floral accords unfolds, revealing the intricate blend of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley. These floral notes lend an air of elegance and refinement, creating a harmonious bouquet that is both classic and contemporary.

What sets Sensi apart is its warm and sensual base, where the fragrance takes an unexpected turn into a realm of oriental sophistication. The sweet embrace of vanilla and heliotrope intertwines with the earthy, almost mystical tones of cedar and sandalwood. This rich foundation adds depth and complexity to the scent, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with the wearer and those lucky enough to catch a trace.

Sensi is a fragrance that transcends time, seamlessly blending the modern with the timeless. It is versatile, suitable for both daytime and evening wear, making it the perfect companion for a myriad of occasions. Whether it’s a glamorous evening event or a casual day out, Giorgio Armani Sensi is a fragrance that effortlessly complements the diverse facets of a woman’s life.

As you indulge in the enchanting layers of Giorgio Armani Sensi, you’ll find yourself immersed in a sensory journey that captures the essence of sophistication, sensuality, and the enduring allure of timeless femininity.

No.687 Inspired by Giorgio Armani Sensi dupe


Grand total
Black locust, Lime

Top Note Ingredients

Black locust, Lime
Almond, Wheat, Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Almond, Wheat, Jasmine
Benzoin, Brazilian Rosewood

Base Note Ingredients

Benzoin, Brazilian Rosewood

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