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No.530 Vegan Fame – Oriental Floral Women’s

5.00 (2)

The scent of what it smells like to be famous. It’s addictive, delicious and leaves you craving more. A sweet, gorgeously fruity concoction of maple syrup, apricot and orchid flowers. Wear this and feel like you’re strutting down a catwalk with hundreds of adoring fans snapping pictures of you, or performing at a concert with the whole world watching… the limits of where your mind can go with this fragrance are none. Very feminine and will turn heads. Perhaps slightly more suited to wear in the evening than during the day, especially if you’re looking to avoid the paparazzi.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Fame Paco Rabanne


Grand total
Mango, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Mango, Bergamot
Jasmine, Olibanum

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Olibanum
Vanilla, Sandalwood

Base Note Ingredients

Vanilla, Sandalwood

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2 reviews for No.530 Vegan Fame – Oriental Floral Women’s

  1. Laura

    Family buy this for me for my birthdays and Christmas’ as you can’t buy the original perfume off the shelf anymore and this one is vegan. Thank you for stocking this EDEN <3

  2. Kathryn Burkey

    kittieb (verified owner)

    Better than the original! Smells amazing, bottles can be returned to be reused and its vegan. Thank you Eden!!

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