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No.078 Million Dollar Lady – Floral Fruity Women’s

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Inspired by Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Natural Ingredients | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

Why you’ll love this scent

Who doesn’t love a fragrance filled with fresh, floral, feminine notes? Luckily, our Lady Millon dupe matches the original’s scent profile, giving you instant elegance without the hefty price tag.

Smooth as golden honey, the initial aroma is a sweet, zesty burst of Neroli and Almalfi Lemon, settling into a rich, dazzling tang of Jasmine, Patchouli and Amber. This Paco Rabanne Lady Million dupe appeals to women of all ages, especially those who want to make an impact at the office or on a night out.

Our dupe perfume is made with 100% vegan ingredients and is, of course, cruelty-free, making it the best choice for those who want to enjoy designer scents without harming animals or the planet. 

So, get your hands on this high-quality Rabanne Lady Million dupe today. Simply add to basket, check out and enjoy a fast, safe delivery of your new perfume today.

Ingredients & notes


Top notes: Neroli, Amalfi Lemon and Raspberry

Middle notes: Jasmine, African Orange Blossom and Gardenia

Base notes: Patchouli and Amber

This perfume smells like:

  • Spicy
  • Woody
  • Floral 
  • Fruity


Rabanne Lady Million is a luxurious and glamorous scent offering unrestrained confidence. Inspired by the opulence of gold and the allure of high-end fashion, this ultra-captivating aroma blends sweet florals with warm, spicy and sensual notes, creating a sophisticated and irresistibly bold perfume. With its blend of neroli, jasmine and honey, our Lady Million dupe evokes a sense of elegance and timeless beauty.

The lady who wears Rabanne Lady Million is powerful and unafraid, standing out from the crowd. She enjoys the finer things in life and has a taste for luxury and elegance. Whether she is attending a high-profile event or simply enjoying an evening out, she exudes an air of confidence and sophistication. This fragrance complements her dynamic personality and her love for luxurious, statement-making scents. 


Does your dupe for Rabanne Lady Million smell the same as the original?

Yes it is! Our Million Dollar Lady perfume is made to match the original Rabanne fragrance. While there might be slight differences due to natural, vegan ingredients, the overall scent profile captures the sweet florals and warm, sensual notes of the original.

What are the main scent notes in the Rabanne Lady Million dupe?

Our dupe features the main scent notes of neroli, jasmine and patchouli, creating a sophisticated and captivating aroma.

Is this Lady Million dupe cruelty-free?

Absolutely! All our perfume is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients or perform any animal testing.

How long does this perfume last after spraying?

Our Paco Rabanne Lady Million dupe typically lasts up to 8 hours. For a longer-lasting effect, apply it to pulse points and consider layering with similar scented products.

Can this Lady Million dupe be given as a gift?

Definitely! The Rabanne Lady Million dupe makes a wonderful gift. Check out beautiful perfume gift boxes to delight loved ones of all ages.

Is this dupe suitable for everyday wear?

Absolutely! The sophisticated and glamorous scent of our Rabanne Lady Million perfume dupe makes it perfect for everyday wear, adding a touch of elegance and confidence to any occasion.


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Neroli, Amalfi Lemon, Raspberry

Top Note Ingredients

Neroli, Amalfi Lemon, Raspberry
Jasmine, African Orange Blossom, Gardenia

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, African Orange Blossom, Gardenia
Patchouli, Amber

Base Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Amber

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1 review for No.078 Million Dollar Lady – Floral Fruity Women’s

  1. Laura Evans

    Laura Evans (verified owner)

    I have had so many compliments on this perfume each time I have worn it and many people think it smells like the real deal! Incredible!

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