I got No.470 Tobacco Vanilla & Spices which is equivalent for Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. The vanilla is slightly less prominent in Eden but, still a perfect scent. I'm in love!
Tova J
Just received my perfume number 30 smells just like the real one at a fraction of the cost and cruelty free will definetly be ordering more.
So I was excited to find a perfume that wasn't tested on animals and didn't have a tonne of chemicals in. I was sceptical but ordered anyway. I got the copy of Gucci Guilty. At first it's obviously different, however, let it develop and it's very hard to tell the difference. I've gone through a 30ml bottle in under 8 weeks. I absolutely love it! To get a better deal I'll definitely go to the store, but for now I'm buying a bigger bottle!
Don't usually write testimonials for my consummerism but Eden wholeheartedly deserves one: Absolute perfect clone of Aventus Creed (No. 255), if not better. Bonus for it being vegan and animal cruelty-free. Passed Eden at the end of the day and piqued by their clean presentation and niche approach, my friend and I sampled 20+ blends before we left. However, smelling the last sample outside, I ran right back in to buy myself 100 ml of the perfect pineapple blend No. 255; my friend just as convinced with the deliciously addictive No. 29. This last minute, spontaneous find made my whole trip to Brighton worth it. Will be doing a No. 255 review on my YouTube fragrance channel in the future and promoting this hidden gem analogous to the secret Garden of Eden. Highly knowledgeable staff are able to personalize to your aura (let alone increase it), designer requests and questions. Highly recommend. Will probably come back again before leaving London to do some more YouTube reviews if I fall in love with another frag (perhaps No. 260 & 470?); can't believe it. Did I mention they made a £250 top-of-the-line jaw-dropping fragrance for only £25, but better? With a high 17% eau de parfum concentration, it projects further and lasts longer.. Eden, you've done it right. Out of all the designer brands I've come across in the fragrance industry, Eden is now the best all in one. I have no doubt of the success you'll have once you expand to London. Thank you for providing my friend and I with such an enlightening first impression today; we appreciate it. :)
Thank you Eden, I love that I can wear an animal free version of my favourite perfume, The smell is divine and so much like the original. Scent so far is lasting, I sprayed a little in the morning. I will be buying again!
Haleema Rasul
I had almost given up finding any animal friendly good smelling perfume let alone vegan friendly too. I got 15 (J'Adore) for my birthday which I always used to wear but had to stop buying, now I can wear it again!! I ordered 83 (Coco Mademoiselle) something I hadn't had for a long time. Delivery was very quick and the smell is amazing. Great value and great ethics. Will buy again from this amazing place.
This was my first time trying Eden perfumes after searching for fragrances that did not test on animals and that were vegan. I ordered six perfumes in total (nos. 32, 34, 309, 62, 15) and shipping was incredibly fast, especially considering I live in the US. All of the perfumes smell lovely and the customer service is fantastic! I'm so happy with my order and will be placing another one soon!! : )
I was looking for a replacement for La Vie Est Belle and was suggested No.405. Fantastic scent and lasts much longer than perfumes I've tried previously. Glad it's affordable too! Look forward to trying some other scents from this site :)
Fantastic! So glad I found you. I will now be ditching my original perfumes and making the change to safer, natural, vegan and non-animal tested fragrances. I'm loving no. 38 and 83, the ones that smell almost identical to Givenchy Very Irresistible and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Been searching for so long and finally found safe alternatives to suit budget too. It's so great that you create long lasting fragrances that practically match the designer ones. It helps knowing what a fragrance smells like before buying it. Great customer services too. Can't thank you enough! Will be telling my friends and work colleagues.
Jane Markey
Just bought no 83 which smells just like Coco Chanel Madamouselle, and no. 52 which smells like Narciso Rodrigues. To say I am impressed is an understatement! Chanel is officially dumped and I will be shopping here again!
Jo Berry