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Vegan Candle – Baccarat Rouge Candle Dupe

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Baccarat Rouge 540 Candle Dupe

This candle will turn your space into pure luxury and sophistication and smells like you have just transformed your location to the aisles of Harrods. A sweet caramelised amber concoction that smells really expensive creating a great romantic ambiance in your lounge or bedroom.

It starts off with a vanilla sweet and fruity-floral essence slowly transforming into a woody-amber explosion. A must-have for the candle aficionados.

Natural alternative, Beeswax/Petro-wax free equivalent to Baccarat rouge 540 Candle dupe


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Saffron, Jasmine

Top Note Ingredients

Saffron, Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Fir Resin, Cedar

Base Note Ingredients

Fir Resin, Cedar

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1 review for Vegan Candle – Baccarat Rouge Candle Dupe

  1. Sez

    The Smell of this candle is SO good i got it at Christmas and have burned it everyday since! I want everything in my life to smell like this!

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