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No.656 – Miss Dior Eau de Parfum | Vegan & refillable alternative

5.00 (4)

Miss Dior perfume Eau de parfum | Vegan & refillable alternative – No.656

Main accords: Citrus, rose, woody, patchouli, sweet, warm spicy, soft spicy, balsamic, floral

Flirtatious, coquettish, enticing. A true Miss Dior spirit. Syrupy and dense, almost sweet patchouli with jammy roses and a citrusy touch. The opening is very fruity and sugary sweet. There’s some rose in the background too, which keeps it away from being cloying. The rose takes more of the foreground as the mid begins, allowing Miss Dior some maturity, but this is still very girly-sweet and bright pink until deep into the dry down. It’s an everyday perfume that could work in a great number of settings. Breezy enough to just smell nice at home, qualified for a professional environment, and romantic enough for a date.

Letting it waft in the air makes a space feel more romantic. This fragrance gets a lot of criticism from reformulation, and the line itself causes confusion with its many flankers. Sweet and feminine. There’s no better way, to sum up, Miss Dior.

The most beautiful part of this fragrance is in the middle to base notes. If you endure the strong top, heaven awaits you. Vanilla and musk, which go well with each other, and the temple-like scent of sandalwood make a strong statement and are truly beautiful and enchanting. The theme of this perfume is millefiori, but it is more like an oriental warm floral. It’s such a beautiful scent that you will want to smell all the time.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Dior Miss Dior perfume


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Italian Mandarin

Top Note Ingredients

Italian Mandarin
Rose, Egyptian Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Rose, Egyptian Jasmine
Patchouli, White Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Patchouli, White Musk

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4 reviews for No.656 – Miss Dior Eau de Parfum | Vegan & refillable alternative

  1. Stephanie Donatello (verified owner)

    Oh this is a stunning perfume! I keep spraying it! Absolutely beautiful scent for Autumn/Winter.

  2. Stephanie Donatello (verified owner)

    Perfect for Autumn/Winter, a rich warm gorgeous perfume. So glad I found this!

  3. Gerard Corriette


  4. Amie Swiger

    Amie Swiger

    Very pretty! I think it’s the 2012 version? I’m not smelling vanilla. I think I smell sandalwood, something sweet with the rose? My guy says it’s a “come hither” scent ♡ It lasts all day on my shirt. If you like Bon Bon or Poison Girl I think you will like this too.

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