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No.622 NOMAD – Chypre Floral Women’s

Chloe Nomade | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.622

Main accords: Woody, citrus, fruity, mossy, earthy, floral, sweet, powdery, warm spicy, patchouli

This fragrance makes you feel classy and sophisticated. The performance is amazing and last all day with just a couple sprays. It has a strong fresh moss note that makes it unique and not too feminine. It’s would be best for the cooler weather because it’s so strong it may be a bit much for hot weather. However it’s fresh and uplifting so it gives spring / early summer vibes. Reminiscent of being on holiday, camping in the woods and wearing puffy jackets. The woody notes and the moss give the most incredible earthy smell.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Chloe Nomade for women by Chloe


Grand total
Mirabelle, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Mirabelle, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange
Freesia, Peach, Rose, Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Freesia, Peach, Rose, Jasmine
Oakmoss, Amberwood, Patchouli, White Musk, Sandalwood

Base Note Ingredients

Oakmoss, Amberwood, Patchouli, White Musk, Sandalwood

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