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No.238 | Inspired by Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

4.75 (4)

Inspired by Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

Natural Ingredients | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

Why you’ll love this scent

A few spritzes of our Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade dupe and you’re ready to party. Ideal for the winter months and summer nights, you can enjoy an opulent blend of raspberry, rose, benzoin and birch, evoking warm feelings of love, power and desire.

Get ready for compliments! Smoky and leathery with a drop of fruit and floral notes, this dazzling, unique perfume will have everyone asking what you’re wearing.

The original perfume comes with an enormous price tag, retailing up to £425 due to its ingredients with precious woods meticulously sourced in South Asia. Luckily, you don’t have to take out a small loan to enjoy this beautiful, one-of-a-kind fragrance because our Ombre Nomade dupe is available from £24, giving you a touch of luxury at an affordable price.

Not only is our Nomad Ombre easy on the bank balance, but it’s vegan, cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients, so you can enjoy your new signature scent without guilt.

Upgrade your perfume collection with the best Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade dupe today.

Ingredients & notes

Ingredients & notes

Top notes: Raspberry, saffron and rose

Middle notes: Geranium and incense

Base notes: Oud, birch, amber wood and benzoin

This perfume smells like:

  • Sweet
  • Floral
  • Earthy
  • Woody


Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade was crafted by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and is a captivating fragrance inspired by the allure and mystery of the desert. This luxurious scent embodies the essence of adventure and the timeless beauty of nature’s vast landscapes. With its deep, smoky blend of oud, benzoin and raspberry, Ombre Nomade creates an intense and unforgettable sensory experience, evoking the spirit of a wandering nomad under a starry desert sky.

The person who wears our Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade clone is bold, enigmatic and unafraid to explore the unknown. They have a taste for adventure and a love for rich, complex scents that tell a story. This fragrance dupe complements an adventurous spirit and meets refined tastes, making it a powerful statement wherever you go. Our Ombre Nomade dupe is made for ultimate expression and endless luxury.



Does your dupe for Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade smell the same as the original?

Our dupe for Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade is closely inspired by the original fragrance. While there may be slight differences due to vegan ingredients, the overall scent profile captures the deep, smoky blend of oud, benzoin and raspberry, providing a remarkably similar scent.

How long does the Ombre Nomade perfume dupe perfume last?

Nomad Ombre is an Eau de Parfum, which typically lasts up to 10 hours depending on skin type and environmental factors. Applying the perfume to pulse points and layering with similar scented products can enhance its longevity.

Does the Nomad Ombre come in travel-friendly sizes?

Yes, our Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade dupe is available in convenient travel sizes, making it easy to take your favourite scent with you wherever you go. You can also try samples with our quality sample boxes to try before you buy the bigger bottles. 

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Raspberry, Saffron , Rose

Top Note Ingredients

Raspberry, Saffron , Rose
Geranium, Incense

Middle Note Ingredients

Geranium, Incense
Oud, Birch, Amberwood , Benzoin

Base Note Ingredients

Oud, Birch, Amberwood , Benzoin

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4 reviews for No.238 | Inspired by Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

  1. George Thomas

    George Thomas

    Fantastic scent, I love this but I don’t get crazy projection from it though.

  2. Jack Brown

    Brought this last week end after smelling it on Someone else all I can say is wow and the scent lasts a long time what is really great! As I was hesitant about buying due to the smell not lasting but this has made me want to buy more from Eden!

  3. Daniel Olusanya

    Daniel Olusanya (verified owner)

    I have the LV one already, and this is 1:1 honestly, cheaper on the pockets and more importantly cruelty free and vegan! You have a loyal customer in me forever. Thanks

  4. Taylor Kirwan

    Beautiful Perfume
    Projection isn’t too strong but the staying power is

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