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No.639 Constantly Changing – Amber Vanilla Women’s

This starts off with a warm, caramel sweetness that’s not overpowering, and then the vanilla and lightly spiced chai come through. Gorgeous, easy to wear gourmand. As it develops it becomes more of a salty slightly burnt caramel. it’s like eating fresh toffee on bonfire night. Very Autumnal, a beautiful composition of notes that opens with a punch of cardamom with a side of pimento. Quickly followed by a delicious salted caramel. it’s far too beautiful to miss out on. Delicious cardamom, blended with the gooiest salted caramel. The salt isn’t sharp here but just enough to add that special yumminess to the fragrance. This concoction lasts for a good 6 hours after which the vanilla starts peeking through. The dry down has that sweet vanilla but the cardamom is there too, albeit extremely light. You will walk around in this yummy bubble of gourmand goodness – a little sweet, a little savoury. It’s divine. It smells special, warm and comforting. All weather perfume. It’s beautiful even for cool summer nights. Not cloying at all.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Changing Constance for women by Penhaligon’s


Grand total
Cardamom, Pimento

Top Note Ingredients

Cardamom, Pimento
Salt, Caramel

Middle Note Ingredients

Salt, Caramel
Vanilla, Tobacco, Cashmeran

Base Note Ingredients

Vanilla, Tobacco, Cashmeran

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1 review for No.639 Constantly Changing – Amber Vanilla Women’s

  1. Nicola Melton

    Nicola Melton

    Absolutely gorgeous, spicy salted caramel, not overly sweet and not in your face. Very classy and elegant. Just like its inspiration but cruelty and chemical free, and affordable for us regular folk – total win! Side note – also purchased and layered this with number 607 (also gorgeous!) and it smells amazing. Full bottles of both now on my wish list.

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