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No.598 – Inspired by Aoud Musk Montale – Woody Spicy Unisex

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Aoud Musk Montale dupe | Vegan & refillable | No.598

Main accords: Woody, musky, oud, warm spicy, powdery, amber, metallic, earthy, vegan leather, aromatic

Perfume rating 4.08 out of 5

A timeless elegance thanks to Saffron, Ebony, and Vetiver. Amber spreads and reveals the noble oriental heart of Musk and Oud. The synchronism with the skin is incredible, or let us say phenomenal. This will get you compliments all the time. This is an amazing oud fragrance, that being said it is NOT everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t like oud you shouldn’t attempt it. But if you like the incense oud vibe, then this is hands down the closest you will get to Dubai. The oud in this one is real and highly dosed. This is for a night out and not for the morning as can be a little too much and not for work. It is incredibly musky. When you visit Dubai this is what most young boys & girls would be wearing in the mall. A true masterpiece and a true powerhouse.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Aoud Musk by Montale.

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Top Note Ingredients


Middle Note Ingredients

Oud, Ebony wood, Musk, Amber

Base Note Ingredients

Oud, Ebony wood, Musk, Amber

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1 review for No.598 – Inspired by Aoud Musk Montale – Woody Spicy Unisex

  1. Ryan Rowntree

    Ryan Rowntree (verified owner)

    This fragrance is lovely. I wanted something that resembled YSL’s M7. This has a strong saffron top note. Almost like menthol. Then all the warmth comes through. Very satisfying. I love Eden Perfumes

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