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No.591- Inspired by Neroli 36 – Oriental Floral – Unisex

4.25 (4)

Le Labo Neroli 36 dupe | No.591

Main accords: White floral, citrus, aldehydic, musky, sweet, fresh, soapy, vanilla, powdery, 

Perfume rating 3.70 out of 5

Dive into the luxurious world of our vegan dupe of Le Labo Neroli 31, where sophistication meets a hint of spice. This fragrance unfolds on the skin, revealing layers of complexity and allure. Initially fresh and green, it gradually transforms into a powdery and aquatic symphony that captivates the senses.

Picture yourself immersed in a fragrant garden, surrounded by verdant foliage and delicate blooms. As the scent evolves, it takes on a soapy quality, reminiscent of freshly laundered linens billowing in the breeze. Yet, beneath this clean facade lies a hint of rustic, metallic intrigue, adding depth and character to the composition.

Le Labo Neroli 31 dupe offers a unique olfactory experience, blending white floral notes with underlying aquatic nuances. It’s a fragrance that defies convention, drawing you in with its odd yet disarming charm. There’s a subtle carnal quality to its aroma, a whisper of something primal and alluring that lingers on the skin.

This fragrance is sure to appeal to those who appreciate the intoxicating scent of orange blossom and jasmine. It’s a celebration of elegance and individuality, perfect for those who seek a scent that stands out from the crowd. Embrace the allure of Le Labo Neroli 31 dupe and elevate your everyday scent experience to new heights of sophistication and intrigue.

Natural alternative cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Le Labo Neroli 36 dupe



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Orange blossom, Aldehydes, Mandarin Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Orange blossom, Aldehydes, Mandarin Orange
Jasmine, Rose

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Rose
Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Base Note Ingredients

Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

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4 reviews for No.591- Inspired by Neroli 36 – Oriental Floral – Unisex

  1. Gill Tuck

    Gill Tuck (verified owner)

    Unusual, warm floral perfume. Uplifting. Lasts for hours.

  2. Lisa Tester

    Lisa Tester (verified owner)

    Just love it 🤍

  3. jb

    the description doesn’t do it justice – just amazing

  4. Georgia Roberts

    Smelt it in the portobello store on the paper sample, and absolutely loved it. It was like a warm citrus smell.
    Took it home and I actually can’t bare it. It smells completely different and not in a nice way.
    I actually kept the paper sample and it’s a completely different smell. Its so grassy and smells out of date???? I’ve done my hair and make up and I’m considering getting back in the shower to get the smell off me. Very upset

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