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No.438 Dark Saffron – Oriental Spicey Unisex

Byredo Black Saffron | Handmade vegan alternative | No.438

Main accords : Leather, fruity, woody, aromatic, warm spicy, sweet, powdery, metallic, fresh spicy

This could easily be the best fragrance for the summer. An amazing feat of a clean, yet very slightly fruity, berry-sweet in the background with juniper. It quickly changes into intoxicating layers of saffron to a backdrop of incense. All this time complemented by a sweet, Smokey raspberry note, it is simply a collectors-style fragrance. Rock this in a suit or with a suede look jacket and feel like you are the person in charge.

Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent, inspired by Byredo Black Saffron .


Grand total
Saffron, Juniper berries, Grapefruit

Top Note Ingredients

Saffron, Juniper berries, Grapefruit
Vegan Leather note, Violet

Middle Note Ingredients

Vegan Leather note, Violet
Raspberry, Cashmeran, Vetiver

Base Note Ingredients

Raspberry, Cashmeran, Vetiver

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