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Classic Woman Box

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A fine selection with 5 of our best classic woman’s fragrances, hand selected by us filled in our 10ml spray bottles. Classic women’s perfumes are always present and do not go out of style despite the years. A classic is that kind of fragrance that is generally among the favourites, and has nothing to do with trends that are fleeting; rather, they are aromas that remain in the memory for years. The classic women box makes a great present to some one who has lived their youths in the 60’s /70’s / 80’s . or for someone who appreciates the old time classics. For a more trendy women style box we recommend either the Floral, fruity or the sweet box.


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2 reviews for Classic Woman Box

  1. Char Oh

    Just received this for Christmas: they are spot on as had my youth in 1960s and 70/ 80s.
    A wonderful mix of classic iconic fragrances great for me as I love the scents of my youth , memories of dancing in Paris in the 80s and running around London too. Evocative fresh and true to original. What a great gift thank you Benji.

  2. Wendy Andrews

    Amazing vegan perfume highly recommended!

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