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No.117 – Inspired by Acqua Di Gio Parfum

Acqua Di Gio Parfum dupe | Vegan & refillable – No.117

Main accords: Aromatic, fresh spicy, marine, woody, citrus, amber, warm spicy

Perfume rating 4.41 out of 5

Step right up, folks! Let me introduce you to the fragrance that’s practically the George Clooney of scents. Yes, I’m talking about Acqua di Gio Parfum by Armani, once crowned the best-selling fragrance any man could ever dream of wearing. If this scent were a person, it would be suavely sipping an espresso in a perfectly tailored tux, giving you that signature Clooney smirk.

Picture this: you’re striding into an evening soiree in your sharpest black suit, and heads are turning. Why? Because you smell amazing. This fragrance is the king of aquatic scents—cleaner than your grandma’s freshly laundered sheets and with a spicy kick that whispers sophistication. But wait, there’s more! It’s got this elegantly woody undertone that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a private library full of old books and mahogany.

Perfect for summer nights or those evenings when you need to bring your A-game. It’s got that irresistible charm that’s both disarming and a bit mysterious. One minute, you’re all fresh and green; the next, you’re subtly spicy and intriguingly aquatic. It’s like you’ve bottled the essence of an evening at a beach bonfire with just a touch of mischief.

So, if you want to channel your inner Clooney, strut your stuff with confidence, and maybe even leave a trail of admirers in your wake, this is your go-to fragrance. Trust us, it’s not just a scent—it’s a statement.


Inspired by Acqua Di Gio parfum dupe


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Marine notes, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Marine notes, Bergamot
Rosemary, Clary Sage, Geranium

Middle Note Ingredients

Rosemary, Clary Sage, Geranium
Olibanum, Patchouli

Base Note Ingredients

Olibanum, Patchouli

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