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No.196 – Inspired by Dior Homme Intense

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No.196 | Dior Homme Intense dupe | Vegan & refillable

Main accords : Powdery, iris, vanilla, woody, amber, earthy, violet, aromatic

Dark, sweet and terribly seductive. The first thing you will get is that heavenly Iris. So seductive even women would love to wear this. It’s so buttery and kind of feminine, but guys, don’t let that scare you away. That opening is the beginning to something magical. That iris note lingers for a long time, but on the dry down, you get a warm, gourmand like feel. The amber creates that warming vibe giving the fragrance great longevity and projection creating a massive scent cloud. Very aromatic and will leave a dense scent trail long after you’re gone.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Dior Homme Intense for men by Dior


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Iris, Vanilla

Top Note Ingredients

Iris, Vanilla

Middle Note Ingredients

Cedar, Vetiver

Base Note Ingredients

Cedar, Vetiver

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2 reviews for No.196 – Inspired by Dior Homme Intense

  1. Stephen Pritchard

    Stephen Pritchard (verified owner)

    I was worried that this wouldn’t be close to the original, I was sorely mistaken. Eden perfumes have done it again, I can’t stop smelling this, if you like Dior Homme Intense, you will love this!

  2. Sarah Bowser

    Good fragrance. Long lastingz

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