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Essence of Selfridges

Selfridges Perfume – From our Absolut collection
Essence of Selfridges London
Main accords: Fruity, sweet, rose, floral, oud, vanilla, powdery, amber, aquatic, woody

Perfume rating 4.26 out of 5 with 168 votes

Embark on a sensorial odyssey with our latest addition to the Absolut collection – a lavish creation born from the resounding desire for an Oud-based fragrance. Our pursuit of capturing elegance found inspiration in the fragrance aisles of Selfridges London, a retail haven nestled in the heart of Oxford Street.

Selfridges, a pinnacle among London’s shopping destinations, boasts a charm that outshines even the grandeur of Harrods. What distinguishes this Selfridges is not just its status but the singular and captivating fragrance that permeates its surroundings. A symphony of scents, meticulously orchestrated by the fusion of various fragrance stores, creates an olfactory tapestry exuding divine luxury and sophistication.

Imagine strolling through the halls, each step unveiling a new layer of fragrance seamlessly blending into an aromatic masterpiece. This Oud perfume serves as a meticulous translation of this exceptional experience. Immerse yourself in the allure of our creation, painstakingly crafted to encapsulate the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of Selfridges London. Let the notes of Oud transport you to the heart of this iconic shopping haven, where every whiff becomes a celebration of refined taste and exclusive indulgence.

At a concentration of 30%, this Westernized Oud perfume is a perfect special gift for your loved ones. Encased in our Absolut bottles, it allows for personalized name printing, transforming it into an even more exceptional present for those who matter most. Elevate your gifting experience with a fragrance that transcends boundaries, embodying sophistication and personalized luxury.

Introducing Selfridges perfume

Essence of Selfridges London

£48.00 - 50ml

Black Currant, Pear, Quince

Top Note Ingredients

Black Currant, Pear, Quince
Rose, Agarwood (Oud), Orris, Violet Leaves

Middle Note Ingredients

Rose, Agarwood (Oud), Orris, Violet Leaves
Amber, Vanilla

Base Note Ingredients

Amber, Vanilla

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