Where Can I Buy Penhaligon's Perfume?

Responsible for some of the most beloved scents in the world, Penhaligon’s is known for their sophisticated and adventurous approach to scent. This luxury scent maker is stocked on the shelves of some of the most exclusive shops in the world. Famous fans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and the late Princess Diana. 

Popular scents include Halfeti, Duchess Rose, Luna and Solaris. While some bottles are adorned with gold animal heads, others come with quaint bows. Everything about this brand screams effortless luxury, including their distinct and complex scents.

What is Penhaligon’s perfume?

The brand started in 1872 and then carried a single fragrance; Hammam Bouquet. This was inspired by the Turkish Baths where founder William Penhaligon was a barber. The scent caused quite a stir and Penhaligon struggled to keep up with demand. 

His son, Walter, inherited the business from him in 1901, and when William passed away in 1903, the company was granted its first Royal Warrant. The company has retained its Royal Warrant since then, being a favourite of the late Queen and Princess Diana, along with the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Where can I find Penhaligon’s perfume?

Where can I find Penhaligon’s perfume?

The first place to look for Penhaligon’s perfume is in one of their original stores. The company started on Jermyn Street where there was a Turkish Bath and barbers. Sadly, this site is no more, but there are Penhaligon’s shops dotted around London and throughout the UK. You can also head to department stores like Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges to explore your favourite scents in person.

If you’re confident you know what you want, shopping online is a great option. You can shop on Penhaligon’s website, where a fragrance finder will help to match you with the perfect scent that matches your personality. You can even order 2 free samples.

Many online fragrance shops also carry the scent. Shopping online can be a great choice as you may be able to find a great deal on this premium scent. 

How much does Penhaligon’s perfume cost?

How much does Penhaligon’s perfume cost?

This all depends on the product you choose and where you purchase it. For a signature scent like Halfeti, a 100ml bottle of the eau de parfum will cost around £195. The Portraits collection You can also purchase eau de toilette scents for around £165. If you’re not sure which scent you want, a sample box of 5 x 5ml fragrances will cost around £40. 

Where can I find Penhaligon’s perfume cheaper?

If you want to save money on these iconic scents, look for designer super perfumes. These will smell just like your favourite fragrance but for a fraction of the cost. Dupe perfumes work by examining the different base, middle and top notes and then replicating these to create a scent that is almost identical to the original. It’s a great way to save money on your fragrances and also allows you to try multiple high end fragrances, rather than feeling like you need to stick with just one.

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