What Size Perfume to Buy?

Shopping for a new perfume? Once you’ve narrowed down the scent and decided whether you want to purchase the eau de parfum or the eau de toilette, you’ll then have to decide which perfume bottle size is right for you.

Most perfume bottles are available in a 5ml sample size, a 25-30ml small size and then a 100ml size. This is a big leap in both the volume of perfume and the cost of the item. While it can work out cheaper in the long run to buy the larger size, it could also go to waste if you don’t use it very often.

To help you choose the right perfume bottle size for your needs, consider the following questions:

How long does perfume last?

Once you’ve opened your perfume, it will become exposed to oxygen and the oxygenation process will begin. While an expired perfume isn’t necessarily bad for you, it won’t smell like it’s supposed to and could develop an unpleasant sour or metallic smell.

Most perfumes will last around 12 months once they are opened. Some can last even longer, provided they are stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If your perfume is unopened, it could last even longer. 

How often do you wear perfume?

How often do you wear perfume?

Do you wear a spritz every day or do you save your scents for a special occasion? Those with a greater appetite for perfume should always go with the larger bottle as you can be confident you’ll finish it before the scent changes.

If you wear perfume infrequently, you might be better off purchasing a few smaller bottles of different scents. Choose a light, bright scent for everyday wear and then choose something deeper and more sophisticated for evening wear and special occasions.

Do you wear multiple scents?

Are you devoted to a single scent or do you prefer to mix and match to your mood and your style? If you’re a mix and matcher, then try buying multiple smaller bottles so you can explore different scents without breaking the bank.

If you are devoted to one scent, it makes sense to buy the biggest bottle available to you as you can be confident you’ll finish it before it has a chance to oxidise.

Do you like to change your scents with the seasons?

Seasonal scent design is incredibly popular as it allows you to mix and match your scent to the mood of the day. You would typically choose something with bright and fresh base notes in spring, switch to something floral for summer, opt for a woody scent in autumn and then adopt a deep and heady oriental scent in winter. If you’re a fan of this style of scent matching, then always choose the smaller perfume bottles, as there is the risk any leftover perfume could start to smell off by the following year when you’re ready to wear it again.

Do you layer your perfume?

Do you layer your perfume?

If you’re a fan of scent layering, then try purchasing multiple smaller scents so you can experiment to your heart’s content. You might even stick to sample sizes so you can try out different scent combinations without the big commitment.

Scent layering can be a fun way to create your own signature scent that is completely unique to you. It allows you to enhance the notes of the fragrance that you find the most enjoyable, creating something that is all your own.

Do people often give you perfume as a gift?

If you regularly receive perfume as a gift, then buying your own might be a rare treat that you want to savour. If you’re confident that someone will give you perfume for your birthday or Christmas, then stick to smaller bottles when you buy for yourself. This will help you to avoid wasting perfume. 

Will you be travelling with your perfume?

If you regularly travel with your perfume, then you need to make sure that it is below 100ml so you can carry it in your hand luggage. There’s nothing worse than buying a large bottle of duty-free perfume on your way overseas, only to forget that you’ll be unable to bring it home if you’re only travelling with hand luggage.

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