Tom Ford Oud Wood has been widely recognized as a luxurious and enigmatic scent, which is why it’s become a signature of many. This woody fragrance emits an inviting aroma that provides its users with layers of complexity while also popularizing the trend across perfume cultures. So if you’re interested in experiencing this classic Tom Ford product for yourself (or are looking to invest in something more versatile when it comes to fragrances), then our review on Oud Wood should help inform your decision-making process!

Key Takeaways

  • Tom Ford Oud Wood is a renowned, alluring and luxurious unisex perfume.
  • It features captivating notes of exotic spices, woods, amber and vetiver complemented by oud wood, sandalwood and musk.
  • With its impressive performance & longevity as well as versatility for different occasions it is an excellent investment for fragrance enthusiasts.

The Allure of Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense Dupe
Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense Dupe


Tom Ford Oud Wood, an eau de parfum from 2007 created by Richard Herpin, is a renowned and enigmatic modern fragrance that combines the woody scent with spicy notes which evoke images of incense-filled temples. It’s luxurious enough to be used as both men and women’s perfume. Making it a perfect unisex choice.

The dark blend of wood offers customers this captivating concoction making the already prestigious status of Tom Ford only more appealing due to its rich & sophisticated aroma.

The Oud Trend

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood has undeniably been a major contributor to the rising popularity of Oud fragrances around the world. The scent is often used as a base note, known for its striking and intense smell which includes nuances of leather, saffron and smokiness – making it an ideal choice when searching for high-end perfumes.

The prominence that this trend has gained in recent years can be largely attributed to Tom Ford Oud Wood, hence why there is such heightened demand among international customers seeking these kind of fragrances today.

Signature Scent Status

Tom Ford Oud Wood has become a signature scent with its inviting warmth and complex layers. Its warm, aromatic vibe is perfect for romantic dates – thanks to the top notes of wood combined with exotic spices, middle notes such as sensual amber and vetiver, plus base tones like tonka bean and vanilla. All these combine to create an alluring aroma that works wonderfully in many different situations: from casual gatherings to black-tie affairs or formal events. Whether you’re attending any sort of occasion at all, Tom Ford Oud Wood will leave a lasting impression on everyone!

Fragrance Composition: Notes and Layers

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Dupe
Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Dupe


Tom Ford Oud Wood has created a complex and tantalizing aroma through its blend of exotic spices, oud wood, amber, vetiver and vanilla notes. This mesmerising fragrance composition features top hints of spice paired with the unmistakable scent of oud wood before giving way to an opulent middle layer that contains sensational scents such as velvetier, alongside hints vanille along with tonka bean at its base. Providing for an unforgettable experience in perfumery.

Top Notes: Exotic Spices and Woods

Tom Ford Oud Wood, an exotic fragrance with a luxuriously warm opening composed of Oud Wood, vanilla and spices such as cardamom and Sichuan pepper blended together with Brazilian rosewood. After about twenty minutes when the initial top notes begin to recede, the distinct middle tones start making their presence known uncovering all the complexity that this particular oud has in store for its wearer.

Middle Notes: Sensual Amber and Vetiver

For a full olfactory experience, Tom Ford Oud Wood reveals rare and captivating aromas of sandalwood, vetiver and an exquisite blend of amber with subtle hints of the famed oud wood. These middle notes provide for an approachable yet bold scent that is well-suited to any setting or occasion, lending itself particularly well when you spray two pumps onto paper in order to let the fragrance develop over time. Its sweet muskiness then wraps up its complex appeal. Creating both warmth and comforting aroma all at once.

Base Notes: Rich Oud, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla

The wood-inspired Tom Ford fragrance finishes off with a combination of base notes – Agarwood (Oud), Vanilla, Vetiver and Tonka Bean. Oud’s rich smoky scent is complemented by the sweet nutty aroma from the tonka bean and then enhanced with subtle floral nuances that come from adding vanilla for an even smoother outcome. Together these powerful ingredients will ensure your skin remains smelling great throughout day or night as its woody scents linger!

Tom Ford Oud Wood was designed to leave behind an unforgettable experience. It’s blend of aromatic tones combined perfectly draws attention while providing a long lasting finish on your body in both physical and psychological senses. A signature feature this composition contains which makes one remember it fondly through years after use are precisely those mentioned before. Oud, vetiver, tonka beans & vanilla, their balance offers depth whilst still being moderate enough not become overwhelming nor too fleeting.

Performance and Longevity

Tom Ford Oud Minerale
Tom Ford Oud Minerale


Tom Ford Oud Wood is known for its lasting properties with an approximate duration of 7-8 hours. Its warm and woody aroma fills a room, but it isn’t too strong, making it suitable to wear on any occasion or in various settings. This fragrance has been highly praised by many users due to its endurance and diffusion capabilities which make Tom Ford Oud Wood the perfect addition to anyone’s scent collection.

Bottle Design and Presentation


Tom Ford’s exquisite Oud Wood scent is presented in a magnificent bottle resembling the shape of an iconic chess piece. The sublime grey private blend container comes with sophisticated curves, reflecting not only Tom Ford’s luxurious essence but also their impressive attention to detail. This stunning addition has become a symbol for quality and will look amazing on display at your dressing table or any other place you choose to put it!

The glamorous presentation alongside the grandiose design provides elegance that makes this particular fragrance stand out among all others. Owning such distinguished item from Tom Ford turns into pride as well as joy each time one looks upon its chic presence, allowing them to appreciate luxury even more than ever before!

Versatility and Ideal Occasions

For a variety of occasions, from romantic to formal functions, Tom Ford Oud Wood presents an impressive aroma that is ideal for cooler seasons such as fall and winter. Exuding alluring notes of wood, this fragrance by Tom Ford will definitely leave a long-lasting impression wherever you go, be it work meetings or black tie affairs. Being highly adaptable in nature makes this scent perfect for those who desire something which can transition seamlessly between different settings. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood’s exquisite aroma perfectly enhances both business formal and semi-formal events!

Comparisons and Alternatives

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood stands out for its striking, unique blend of rose wood and exotic notes that culminate in a sweet aroma with a subtle, yet distinct presence. Its extravagance comes with an expensive price, but the top quality ingredients used makes it a worthwhile purchase for avid fragrance fans. Nevertheless, if looking for cheaper alternatives, there are several duplicates such as Ombre Leather and No. 240 Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense Dupe out in the market ready to explore too.

There are several other brands under the Tom Ford umbrella which feature the unique oud wood note. This distinct scent sets them apart from other fragrances, thanks to its versatility and lasting power. This uniqueness is what makes Tom Ford’s oud wood fragrances stand out among the rest.

In conclusion, while there may be less expensive options or other fragrances that incorporate oud available, investing in an original product like ‘Oud Wood’ by ‘Tom Ford’ offers a unique class and singularity. The premium price is justified by the high-quality ingredients used, resulting in a wonderfully complex scent that is worth savouring every moment.

The Tom Ford Private Blend Collection


Tom Ford’s acclaimed Private Blend Collection presents an array of high quality and opulent eau de parfums, encouraging customers to find their desired scent. Examples such as Mandarino Di Amalfi, Costa Azzurra and Neroli Portofino are just some that make up this selection which was released in 2007. Oud Wood has made its mark among the collection displaying Tom Ford’s excellent craftsmanship within perfumery with superior ingredients creating a distinctive aroma. This finely-crafted fragrance is a fitting testament to wood’s celebrated status, making it one of many exceptional scents featured in the Private Blend range from Tom Ford.

Tips for Wearing and Storing Tom Ford Oud Wood

Storing Tom Ford Oud Wood:

  • To maximize the potency of this captivating scent and ensure a long lasting effect, it is best to keep it in an environment that is dark and cool. This means away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Avoiding high temperatures while wearing Tom Ford Oud wood will help you make sure the aroma remains pleasant as ord fragrances can become unpleasant when overheated. Luckily, its versatility still allows for comfortable use during milder weather, which gives plenty of opportunity to enjoy your new fragrance!

For optimum sustainability throughout the day, consider mixing some vaseline with your favorite olfactory concoction. Thus allowing easy access for touch ups every time needed without worrying about diminishing scents due to excessive sweating.

Price and Value: Is It Worth the Investment?

Tom Ford Oud Wood is a standout choice among fragrances, and its high price tag of £165.00 to £210.00 per 100ml reflects the utilization of rare ingredients such as ord combined with quality craftsmanship in composition. It has earned immense reputation for sophistication due to its complexity and long-lasting scent, all features which make it worthy of the investment for those who seek a luxurious experience from fragrance. The rarity and excellence represented by Tom Ford Oud Wood justifies every penny spent on this delightfully captivating aroma that will definitely remain unforgettable.


Tom Ford Oud Wood is the perfect choice for fragrance aficionados due to its role in popularizing Oud, rich and captivating scent profile, impressive performance and adaptability. With a luxurious packaging as part of Tom Ford’s iconic Private Blend Collection, it certainly stands out from others, making an exquisite addition to any collection. Its multifaceted aroma encompasses all that customers have come to expect from this renowned brand. Undeniably earning itself recognition within the illustrious world of ords thanks both inside and outside the Tom Ford Private Blend range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Tom Ford perfume is the best?

Oud Wood by Tom Ford is highly acclaimed and makes for a magnificent signature scent with its aromatic, woody aromas. It can be worn all year round on any occasion making it an unbeatable option. The blend of notes makes this fragrance truly remarkable.

Is Oud Wood unisex?

The scent of Oud Wood is a well-appreciated unisex fragrance, and it suits any time, be it day or night. This luxurious aroma appeals to both genders equally. Thus making for an ideal choice!

Which Tom Ford cologne lasts the longest?

Tom Ford’s scent, Black Orchid Parfum, is a highly concentrated perfume that can last for an entire day. It offers the most long-lasting fragrance of all his collection and boasts powerful aromas due to its superior concentration of oils.

Which oud perfume is best?

For an exquisite oud experience, try Al Haramain Amber Oud Gold Edition Perfume, Gucci Intense Oud Cologne, Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental Perfume and Ajmal Amber Wood. Juliette Has A Gun’s Another OUD has made its mark while Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud combines floral notes with smoky woody tones for a unique fragrance. Chopard created the classic Malaki cologne in this family of scents, as well as Killian Musk and Crè-Yon Sand Service also offer their own variations to explore further. Lastly, Zara Universal offers a sophisticated take on the theme along Guerlain Cherry while completing your journey through these velvety aromas from East Asia!

What notes are present in the top, middle, and base layers of Tom Ford Oud Wood?

Tom Ford Oud Wood is a highly sought-after blend of oud wood, spices and vanilla at the top notes, rare oud wood and sandalwood in the middle with vetiver also present. The base note combination has oud, tonka bean, amber as well as vanilla creating an alluring scent that’s truly unique to Tom Ford.

Try for Christmas 2023 our vegan alternative to Tom Ford oud wood. It smells a little bit like a freshly cut-down tree. It’s full of woody freshness and refinement and is one of our top sellers. Refined and classy and works great when you’re looking elegant.

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