Discover the essence of daisies with Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Collection – an exquisite array of fragrances that evoke a feeling of freshness and femininity. Dive into this aromatic journey to find your perfect scent – from limited editions to customer reviews, learn all about shopping for these captivating perfumes here! With each spray, you will bask in sunshine and stroll through beautiful fields full of sweet-smelling blooms. Come explore the magical world that is the Daisy Collection by Marc Jacobs today.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Daisy Collection for a captivating scent experience.
  • Add cheerful sunshine to your fragrance collection with limited edition Daisy Sunshine perfumes.
  • Enjoy long lasting and popular fragrances, praised by customers for their fruity scents!

Discovering the Daisy Collection: An Overview

In 2007, Marc Jacobs debuted the enticing Daisy Collection of perfumes with its original fragrance. The group has since grown to include Daisy Eau So Fresh and Daisy Dream. Each brimming with unique scents that are evocative of daisies while symbolizing a youthful zest for life paired with romanticism. Every ‘daisy girl’ will delight in the freshness and femininity these fragrances possess.

The entire line is available as an eau de toilette spray containing floral notes blended harmoniously alongside fruity aspects plus woody nuances – it’s quite an invigorating sensation! If you’re a fan of traditional-style Daisys or hoping to discover more from this range, now would be the perfect time to check out the Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau de Toilette series.

Original Daisy (2007)

In 2007, Daisy’s alluring perfume captivated the world with its mixture of brightness and femininity. Invoking a positive energy that is at once youthful and free-spirited, this timeless classic can be found in many fragrance collections around the globe. The top notes bring a sparkling blend of violet leaf, grapefruit and strawberry while the heart notes consist of jasmine blossoms paired alongside gardenia petals and violets. Atop these lingering floral aromas are base accords which meld musky woody fragrances together with wild berries for an effect that transports you to sunlit fields blanketed by daisies. To its amazing scent profile, Daisy also has style points covered as it’s housed within a beautiful white flower bottle making perfect accessory or gift choice any woman would love! Whether headed out on date night or simply needing refreshment during your day job. Wearing Diane sets off feelings of assurance (and convenience!).

Daisy Eau So Fresh (2011)

Marc Jacobs introduced the Daisy Eau So Fresh in 2011, an upgraded version of its much-beloved scent. With Alberto Morillas as its perfumer, this delightful fragrance was created with a purpose to provide something for playful and feminine daisy girls. Its cheerful top notes consist of raspberry and pink grapefruit while it has wild rose at its heart offering a classic yet fresh sensation when applied on one’s skin completing the look. The bottom base is composed of soft musks which add vibrancy that perfects all women’s desires for such beautiful femininity offered by Marc Jacob’s signature perfume. Making every woman feel special each time they wear their favourite Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh filled with vibrant green notes pear violet apple blossom plum cedarwood scents!

Daisy Dream (2014)

Daisy Dream, a perfect addition to any fragrance collection released in 2014, is exquisitely crafted with the stunning daisy design used on its bottle. Notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear layer up top while jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria sweeten the middle notes for an enchanting aroma of this captivating scent that encapsulates infinite energy from magnificent fields filled with beautiful daisies under dazzling blue sky. The warmth tucked away in base are white woods, musks and coconut water creates an absolutely serene experience.

Limited Edition Daisy Perfumes: Adding Sunshine to Your Collection

The Daisy Collection doesn’t just include the classic fragrances. It also has limited-edition Daisy Sunshine perfumes that capture all the joy of warm, sunny days. These scents have fruity and floral top notes with a feminine base of white woods which adds an extra cheerful touch to the original collection. We will be exploring some of these special additions like Daisy Sunshine, Eau So Fresh sunshine and Dream Sunshine – making them perfect for those balmy summer evenings or afternoons! With their unique blend from heart to scent, they can easily become part of your fragrance wardrobe while remaining true to its signature daisy feel.

Daisy Sunshine (2019)

Daisy Sunshine Eau So Fresh perfume is perfect for those who appreciate the classic Daisy scent and want to add a cheerful touch of sunshine to their fragrance collection. With fruity pear as its top notes, floral mimosa at its heart, and feminine heliotrope in the base layer. This limited-edition formulation offers an updated twist on the beloved aroma while keeping all that people love about it. Released in 2019 with these enticing elements combined into one amazing perfume experience – Daisy girl couldn’t ask for anything better!

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine (2019)

The gorgeous bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine, released in 2019, encapsulates the cheerful mood and lively spirit of Daisy girls. Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this delightful scent is blended with fragrant top notes such as pear, strawberry, pink grapefruit and apple blossom. Heart notes like mimosa plus heliotrope & cassis create a perfect base for the aroma.

This edition from Daisy’s perfume collection gives an extra dose of freshness to your olfactory experience – great if you’re looking for something that celebrates sunny days! The jovial yellow container accentuates its beauty making it truly a one-of-a-kind fragrance offering unbridled joy through each whiff.

Daisy Dream Sunshine (2019)

Alberto Morillas has crafted a special limited-edition Daisy Dream fragrance that brings sunshine to its beloved classic scent. This sunny twist on the original is ideal for any daisy girl, featuring top notes of gold raspberry and orange blossom plus base notes of solar musks providing a unique aroma experience. The perfect addition to your Daisy Dream collection, this pleasant blend offers the ideal summertime scent fit for days and nights alike.

Daisy Love: A Charming and Irresistible Fragrance

For those who appreciate Daisy fragrances, the love-filled aroma of Daisy Love is a must have in your collection. Made by renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas, this scent captures classic notes and blends them with an irresistible charm through top crystalsized cloudberry accents and daisy tree petals at its heart. As it ends on a feminine base of cashmere musk plus driftwood undertones, one can’t help but want to wish list save for when needing just the right scent for any event!

When you’ve experienced Daisy Love’s captivating aura once before, there’s no way not to be drawn back into her charming spell every time. Perfectly fitting whatever moment or mood arises – from formal events down to lounging around casually – make sure that everyone knows about how amazing she truly is as well as inviting them over to take part in her magical journey too!

Comparing Prices and Sizes: Find the Best Deal

Shopping around for Daisy fragrances can be a great way to find the perfect one that fits within your budget. The average cost of these perfumes is usually between £42 and £50, depending on which size you’re looking at- with options ranging from 100 ml/3.4 oz up to 75ml sizes available. LovetheSales, Amazon Fragrance Direct and HotUKDeals are all good places worth checking out if you want to get the most competitive prices while finding the ideal fragrance suited for yourself or someone else special in your life!

Where to Buy Daisy Perfumes: Shopping Options and Tips

For anyone wanting to add the perfect Daisy perfume to their collection, Marc Jacobs Fragrances has made shopping for it quite simple. There are various stores and online vendors where one can purchase this fragrance, such as Amazon, The Fragrance Shop, Superdrug or even in-store retailers like Boots and John Lewis & Partners. Plus, customers have the convenience of going directly through the brand’s official website, which is another great option. Overall there’s a wide array of options available when seeking out that ideal scent, be it for personal use or as an exceptional gift!

How to Wear Daisy Perfumes: Layering and Mixing Scents

Daisy perfumes provide a thrilling experience when it comes to layering and mixing scents. Creating your perfect signature scent is easy—simply spray different fragrances on separate pieces of paper, hold them together while you experiment with various combinations and find the one that suits you best. Jasmine, green leaf, apple pear peach or bergamot are all excellent additions which can be layered alongside Daisy perfume for an exclusive individualized aroma! Get creative, use this process to craft a fragrance uniquely designed by yourself representing your own style perfectly.

Customer Reviews: What People Are Saying About Daisy Perfumes

Daisy perfumes have generated strong acclaim from customers, who appreciate their fresh and juicy aroma for day-to-day use. The Daisy, Eau So Fresh, Dream range has scored 4.6 to 4.7 out of 5 stars on reviews, demonstrating just how much people adore them! Plus the Classic collection and limited edition Sunshine offerings Demonstrate why these fragrances are so beloved by daisy girls everywhere due to their light-hearted appeal.

The feedback shared by fans is useful in helping you pick a suitable fragrance or surprise someone with a present from this well liked collection – whether that’s Original Daisy scent or something else entirely it can be easily found thanks to all those excellent customer reviews as reference points.

Caring for Your Daisy Perfume: Storage and Longevity Tips

To ensure that your Daisy perfume retains its quality and aroma for as long as possible, it is necessary to take proper care of it. Keeping the bottle in a cool place away from direct heat or sunlight will help preserve the scent so you can make use of every drop. Be sure to handle with caution and seal tightly after each use – this also helps prevent other strong odours from impacting on the fragrance’s lovely smell. Following these easy steps ensures you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of Daisy Perfume while making your purchase worthwhile!


Overall, the Daisy Collection by Marc Jacobs offers a wide variety of fragrances that embody daisies in every sense and show off an invigorating air of femininity. Ranging from the traditional Daisy to the limited edition Sunshine collection, there is undoubtedly something special for any die-hard fan or someone new to this range.

Whether you’re familiar with these perfumes or just starting out on your journey into discovering them, we have hopefully given you some helpful tips about picking and taking care of your ideal Daisey scent. So go ahead now, flaunt all things feminine and floral as part of the Daisy girl movement! Let yourself be captivated and enchanted by its aromatic world full of sunshine and joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Daisy perfume in 2023?

The Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Edition has arrived – offering worldwide availability from January 2023 and presenting top notes of iris, patchouli and chantilly. Experience it for yourself!

Which Daisy perfume lasts the longest?

The Daisy Marc Jacobs collection features the signature fragrance of this beloved range: the Daisy Ever So Fresh Eau de Parfum. A sparkling and invigorating blend of fruity citrus notes, its delicate scent captures a feeling like rays shining through leaves – all perfectly preserved in one captivatingly fresh scent that will linger long after it’s been worn.

How many Daisy perfumes are there?

Twelve delightful Daisy perfumes, including Eau So Fresh and the Dream, Love and Sunshine editions, have been made available for us to enjoy.

What fragrances are included in the Daisy Collection?

Discover the Daisy Collection, featuring signature fragrances like Eau So Fresh and Dream alongside limited-edition Sunshine scents that capture pure freshness.

How can I layer and mix Daisy perfumes for a unique scent experience?

Try layering and mixing Daisy’s fragrances for an original scent – spritz each one on its own sheet of paper, then lightly blend them together with your wrists.


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