I ordered a perfume for my daughter for Xmas, I was last minute ordering but they managed to send it to me in time! My daughter knew which designer perfume it was as soon as she smelt it! Excellent product and excellent customer service. Would recommend this company and the perfumes to anyone! 10 out of 10 for everything. I will be ordering again.
I asked for and received both 29 & 470 for Christmas, of off of just the description. Love them both and they smell exactly as described! 29 might be my favorite. So happy to support a clean, cruelty-free company! And to be able to do that at a fraction of the cost, BONUS!
Kristal Stilley
A fantastic match for my sister's favourite Tom Ford perfume, for a fraction of the price and safe in the knowledge that the fragrance is vegan and cruelty free! I can't believe how close it smells to the real thing - I can't wait to see her face when she opens her Christmas present. My original order arrived and the bottle had leaked unfortunately, but a replacement arrived within days and still in time for Christmas. Will be buying all my fragrances from Eden from now on and won't hesitate to recommend to others :)
I am absolutely stunned! Eden's perfumes smell exactly the same as my favourites! I ordered the Davidoff Cool Water similar scents and absolutely love them! I shall be telling everyone i know about Eden :-)
Alison Squance
I bought the No 83 and the No 2 I’m really really pleased with both, I’ll be ordering more, I’m vegan so only buy products that have no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals, plus there are no nasty chemicals.
I don't buy anywhere else even though I live in Germany. My sister got the No.61 for me as a gift once and I was hooked. Thank you for looking after the animals and producing such beautiful products!
Patricia Jackisch
Bought 3 perfume's from eden and couldn't be happier. Great price for a great product.
Nicole Ferguson
It's not even close... it's perfect!! As someone who usually hates imitation scents I was a little concerned subtle differences between my former favourite flower bomb and Eden's bomb flowers would bother me, but this is spot on! I have been searching for a new perfume after switching to vegan friendly products and am so happy with this discovery, couldn't recommend you highly enough! Thank you!!
I've been on a quest lately to swap all my cosmetics and toiletries to cruelty free (and, where possible, vegan and natural), and someone told me about this website. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but I was also prepared to keep an open mind. I only wear Britney Spears perfume, as some of the more expensive ones are a bit too much for me. I can honestly say that this perfume is an exact dupe for Britney Spears' Fantasy. It smells the same, and it actually lasts longer! If Eden can make such amazing products that are cruelty free, vegan, and natural, with minimal packaging and offer refills, why can't the big companies do it? Eden is doing everything right.
Vikki Patis
To be honest, I was not expecting much from the perfume as I’ve been frequently disappointed with the alternatives to the mainstream perfumes, but I was totally proved wrong! This perfume is amazing!! I made the decision a few years ago to go cruelty free but there are fragrances which i really miss. I ordered the Roberto Gold which is supposed to be similar to Roberto Cavalli. I honestly could have cried when I sprayed it. It brought back such lovely memories. It smells just like it but somehow better. I am soo impressed that I have straight away ordered the Boss Orange versions. Please keep doing what you are doing!
Laura Fox