I completely love this idea and the execution of it is absolutely perfect. I brought the Eden version of 'Miss Dior' and 'Lady Million' and they smell identical to the originals which is amazing. Can't wait to try even more! Love it, thank you!
Katie Marke
Highly recommend Eden. Placed my first order after finding a review about the company in the Independent Paper. I have been searching for a cruelty free fragrance. Prompt delivery (and its Christmas season!). Packaged safely. I ordered the scent to match Dior Hypnotic Poison. Eden's is a superb match. Allow time for the scent to settle. I will definitely order from Eden again. Thank you so much! X
Marie Scott
Bought a fragrance for my boyfriend, admit to being skeptical, but, it's absolutely beautiful and smells just like the original. The cruelty free aspect is what lured me to try, and I'm glad I did.
Julie A Ray
I've bought quite a few different perfumes from Eden and have been extremely happy with each purchase. I didn't get to review one of my recent purchases but I would just like to really recommend Black XS by Paco Rabanne, absolutely beautiful. I've never even had the original but it certainly lasts all day long, quite a powerful fragrance but I love it! I originally bought it in the gift box to sample it first and went from there! 5stars! D&G The One is also a must!! I think I bought this from Eden early last year and never had the original brand before but also would buy again. Thank you for making these vegan products at last. Very important to my Mom and I as we only use cruelty-free and am campaigning all the time for Animal Rights and their Welfare. If I ever make it to Brighton you are my first stop. :) :)
I'd consider myself a well travelled shopper; I've sampled the high echelons of retail, both online and in store, but never have I experienced customer service like I did when I placed an order for two bottles of perfume for my mums birthday from Eden Perfumes. I needed it in 2 days time, rang Eden up and explained my circumstance to them. I believe it was George whom I spoke to. He said it was unlikely I'd get it delivered as their volume of deliveries was monumental at the time, but he assured me he would try to get it sent out that day. At 4pm I received a phone call from Eden, they were having difficulty finding my order. I ran through things with them, after 5 minutes they found my order and ran to the post office then and there! Needless to say I received the two bottles the next day, just in time for my mums birthday. I have become less and less inclined to be 'brand loyal' as they say these days, but my gosh did Eden Perfume make someone's day incredibly special, such a thoughtful act from such thoroughly thoughtful company. I'm glad to say I've already recommended them to 5 people and am buying some more as gifts for Christmas. Thank you again Eden, your kindness will be remembered for many years to come!
r monaghan
FANTASTIC! I am absolutely delighted with my Eden aftershave, to the point of being truly amazed! Firstly, I chose the product that smells like Paco Rabane's Million. It smells exactly the same, if not actually a little better!! It also lasts. Secondly, why on earth are these companies testing on animals when Eden can make a product as great as this at a fraction of the price, without hurting even a fly?!? The world needs to know about Eden. - Fantastic products - Fantastic company!
Jayl De Lara
I am so pleased with my perfume, it smells delightful . I chose Beautiful Lady, it's very similar too my usual brand. It makes me very happy to be able to wear something so nice. Whist being assured that there is no animal suffering involved at any stage in its production. I am looking for my next favourite now. Well done and thank.you so much.
Debbie Rennie
Also purchased 309 which is very similar to the marc jacobs daisy parfume and the 402 which smells just like midnight rose by Lancôme the delivery was quick as well i will definetly be buying from this company from now on =)
Rachel tucker
I am amazed that not only is 008 cruelty free and vegan but it smells exactly like jean paul gaultier scandal by night thankyou i am in love =) and the delivery was fast =)
Rachel tucker
My order was damaged in transit, contacted Eden who sent a replacement asap. Brilliant customer service and great scents!