When I became vegan, I never thought I'd be able to wear beautiful perfume again. I was wrong. I've just bought my first perfume from you and it's gorgeous. Thank you!
Susan kate Lindsay
I'm so glad I've found a perfume company that's ethical! I'd stopped wearing it as I couldn't be sure what was not tested on animals, full of horrid chemicals, and vegan. So glad I have found this and it's much gentler on my sensitive skin - WIN!
Rachel Brook
Tried the sample box. So, so pleased. Every bit as nice as the brand I’ve stoped using because it’s tested on animals. As far from a cheap imitation as it’s possible to be but also only about 10% of the cost of my usual perfume. Win!,
Sally Holman
Very pleased to have found these veganised perfumes! Just bought "Dulce Vida" and it is an exact match for Dolce Vita. Lasts well too. Great customer service. I will definitely be buying more perfumes from you.
Michelle Ball
So glad I ordered from you, absolutely fantastic perfume, so pleased. I have been looking for a cruelty free alternative and can honestly say the Clinique Happy No. 25 is exactly the same, cannot tell the difference. Will definitely be ordering more from you. Thank you Eden for providing such a fabulous service and excellent products.
I have just received my first order from yourselves. I am over the moon with your products. I will be buying many more in the future. Shall be telling all my friends. People do not hesitate in ordering, you will not be disappointed.
I have now acquired a fair amount of Eden perfumes. I just find them so amazing, fascinating and addictive. I'm absolutely obsessed!! Treat yourself to your favourite fragrance, you won't regret it!! Thank you Eden for creating amazing fragrances, that are ethical, vegan and cruelty free!
I have recently received the No17 perfume. I used to wear Moschino I Love Love Cheap and chic and this is almost exactly the same but nicer. And lasts all day. Over the moon!!!
I am so glad I found you a couple of years ago when I was looking for more natural perfumes without a load of unnecessary chemicals. I have tried two different perfumes similar to ones I like, and quite frankly your versions are better! I find most perfumes don't last on me stall now I am in my sixties, but yours absolutely do. There have been so many people I have recommended you to because they have said, "What's that lovely perfume you are wearing?!" Your customer service is second to none. So lovely to do business with you. Thank you for all you do ?.
Sarah Williams
I’ve literally just had my Purple Alien delivered, it’s amazing! I can’t get over how much it smells like Alien! And without any cruelty which pleases me so much as I adore animals! I will be recommending your company to everyone now and will never buy a mainstream perfume ever again! What a great find!
Caroline Gomez