LOVE Eden perfumes, was lucky enough to get one if the beautiful organic, vegan, cruelty free fragrances for my birthday. Will be telling EVERYONE to buy from here - beautiful perfume, lovely staff, gorgeous shop and a wonderful shopping experience. There should be an Eden perfumes on every high street!
Fleurmione Granger
Beautiful shop and wonderful staff. It's nice to have something that smells gorgeous but is organic too. There is a range of perfumes to choose from and you can refill with different perfumes it doesn't have to be the one you bought originally. The staff are experienced and helpful I'm definitely visiting again.
Serena Robb
I never thought I can buy such subtle yet sexy and fancy smelling perfumes in a very affordable prices. Honestly speaking I felt that it'd just be like every other perfumes that only last for few hours but it's totally not , it really stick to you all day long! and it's very surprising that's it's all vegan without all those chemicals that are on my other perfumes. Definitely a good buy for Christmas gifts and other occasions ;)
Jaymee Coloma
I popped into the store on western road yesterday and I loved the concept! I smelt a few of the perfumes similar to some 'designer' ones I liked and eventually chose one. Number 98. When I got it home it smelt even better than in store, if I didn't know I would have thought I was wearing the designer brand. Prices are very reasonable and I'll certainly be returning.
Danielle Sharp
Went into store after being recommended by a friend! Loved it!! After going in just to have a look I left the store with two bottles one for me and one for my husband! My perfume smells so much like one of my favourite designer one I was hooked! My dad also purchased a bottle for my mum...
I'd recommend this store to anybody, and definitely be returning for a refill!!
Megan White
Fantastic shop! I've bought all the Gucci alternatives from here, I was initially not expecting them to compare to the originals but somehow they smell better and the smell lasts longer on the skin! It's lovely to have a perfume i don't have to use sparingly, and not to worry about the cost of replacements. I have been getting lots of shopping lists from my friends and family outside of Brighton for perfume orders!
Lindsay Toone
Just brought some aftershave from there today, it's great having a organic alternative!
Abbi Awesu
Excellent customer service & exquisite perfume. Smells exactly like the generic brands!
Olivia Shillito

Brighton You can choose any preferred perfume for your love ones and be loved, thanks for the best service and advice of the shop staff.



I would strongly recommend it to all my friends and beloved ones

Falah Alsarhan

Beautiful shop, experienced, helpful and friendly staff. Gorgeous scents and a huge selection of perfumes, all natural vegan and not tested on animals, and affordable.I like both alcohol and oil based perfumes, Eden perfumes are alcohol based. Some people look for perfumes that are similar to this brand, or similar to that one... For me that doesn't matter. I think that it is absolutely fantastic to be able to look for a perfume by its ingredients, it's scent notes. And this is possible at EDEN Perfumes. On my first visit yesterday I bought 4 perfumes! And I am ever so happy with my purchase. Even though I live in London, I can't wait to go back again to Brighton/Hove and buy more, they are also an ideal gift for all occasions :) 

I'm looking forward to their on-line shopping facilities. I recommend Eden Perfumes 100%.

Patricia Torralba