Staff are very friendly and perfume smells amazing.
Charlie Woodford
Visited today and bought some lovely perfumes. Both my favourite designer scents at a fraction of the price! Plus I actually think they smell better and have lasted all day after only 1 spray! Lovely welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be back!
Mandie Moulding
Loved this place and staff were very friendly and helpful!
Bella Bolton
Smells amazing, price is amazing and the service was amazing :)
Katie Woodford
Went their today (21-10-2014) really great and helpful services!
Reid Hale
Vegan, animal-testing free, organic, and affordable perfumes. Awesome.
Rob Trounce
Amazing perfumes, last better than the real thing. really helpful staff x
Mel Parker
Cheers guys. Just what i've been looking for. Ethical, affordable quality. Keep up the great work.
Jules JT
The brand I have been waiting for. Love it. Chemical and cruelty free and fab fragrances.
Vivienne Hallack
The most amazing perfume shops ever! A must visit if you are exploring Brighton :)
Tasha Miles