Just bought my first fragrance from Eden they really do smell good and not artificial like some perfumes! So much choice so I will definitely be back for more.
Karen Glasby
Fantastic service, fantastic perfumes, they really are the same as the 'named brands'
Angela Flood
This shop is excellent staff that work there are amazing! Guarantee U leave the a happy Customer And smelling good!!!
Luke Tyson Campbell
Free from animal testing and chemicals you can find the right blend to match your preference and refill the bottle after. Wonderful.
Darren Currell
Lovely, friendly staff and owners who have on several occasions spent a lot of time with me to find the perfect perfume for me and as presents. The prices are cheap but they certainly do not smell it!
Nicola Sian Jones
First visit today after seeing Brighton Dogwatch recommending them after visiting with the lovely Boo. Very impressed, lovely shop, the gentleman who served us knew his stuff and was very helpful. First purchase and will certainly go back. :-D
Sonia Johanna
This shop is so beautiful the staff are very knowledgeable. I like the fact they are an eco-friendly shop I've got today an vegan/organic version of my favourite perfume Insolence Guerlain for only £12, Its so amazing!!
Del Oro Laura
I went to get my perfume today and staff were so helpful!!!! I really love my smell and will definitely go back to try some more new fragrant!!!!
Rachel Lin
absolutely shocked, i went there and asked for something similar to Angel T. mugler and the lady showed me number w002 in the womens section and it smells identical, knowing that its free of parabens and organic makes it even more appealing, and not to mention the price £12 !!!!!!! definately going back there again for a refill, well done guys hope you do well xxx
Victoria AlegreyOle
Went there today, was great, lovely staff very helpful. Love the whole idea of it promoting cruelty free products and supporting Animal charity. Plus the perfume I got smelt just like shop bought, inexpensive, ethical and a fantastic range. Would recommend :)))
Ellie Black