Wow! 10/10! I honestly cannot tell a difference between my favourite brand and Edens 405! Same with Eden 31! So pleased! And vegan :-D Thank you so much! X
after searching for cruelty free perfume my search brought me to Eden Perfumes, was not too sure but gave it a go. Eden Perfumes now has a loyal customer. I bought perfume similar to my favourite brand, very pleased with it, smells very similar and lasts well into the day.
Judith Knight
Just bought No 64 - Euphoria. Smells exactly the same! x
Anna Lowe
I heard about Eden on Youtube. I recently bought No. 98 Guerlain Insolence. Well, how impressed was I!!! Smells very similar and lasted well into the next day. What I am most pleased about is not wearing perfume which has been tested on animals. Well done Eden you have a new and loyal customer.
Anna Lowe
I've been to both shops and the staff are so friendly and helpful. I love the fact the perfumes are vegan, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly. The quality of the perfume is equal to their dupes. If your visiting Brighton then I highly recommend you visit Eden Perfumes.
Rose Nadeem
My Eden perfume came today and I love it! And it makes me feel even sexier to wear it knowing that is environmentally friendly and it suits my delicate skin! Thank you
Anastasia Pateraki
I am completely sold on Eden. I have purchased a number of their fragrances and they are amazing. All of my friends have commented on how good they smell. A small squirt lasts and lasts. Also they are vegan, non tested and organic I don't think I will ever need to purchase over inflated designer brands and I have complete faith in the origin and quality of the product. What an awesome product!
I discovered Eden perfumes around two months ago and have purchased a few perfumes from them. Their perfumes are rich and complex and layered, the perfumes are more three dimensional, compared to their more expensive originals. Staff are very helpful and friendly and I've spent time talking to them about the perfumes, and they take time to talk to you. It's great that they also have the coffee beans to sniff at, so that you can give your nose a rest between sampling perfumes, the staff at Eden really know their stuff about perfumes, and the best thing of all is that their perfumes are Vegan, natural and creulty-free. I very highly recommend them
Saarah T
I ordered perfume 405 based on a previous review and the fact that I wore La Belle est Vie on my wedding day so was hoping it would smell similar. I have to say I am more than impressed with my new perfume, it arrived literally the next day, it's cruelty free and smells better than its dupe! My husband said "it smells like me!" Love everything about this company! Thank you!
Kate C
Eden perfumes is such an amazing idea! I wear numbers 405 and 64! I love them both and people have even stopped me and asked me what Perfume I'm wearing! For the price you would expect cheap quality but it's not! It's amazing, would definitely recommend it to everyone! X
Aleah Davies