I have just received my order and wearing No. 83 - and at first I thought, yes, it is similar - but having worn it all day, I can honestly say that it blends in really well, and smells like the real thing - only that it doesn't smell 'harsh' - you can smell the quality of this, it's wonderful thank you. And of course, no harm to animals, and good quality ingredients - not cheap, only in the price. Highly rate. Thank you Eden Perfumes. My partner loves his one (similar to Hermes) :-)
Ordered tomford vanilla tobacco 470. Amazing long lasting. Im now addicted. At first all I could smell was a strong amount of cloves on myself but when it settles its a cosy warm vanilla/tobacco smell similar to tomfords. My husband is a huge fan of your perfumes n how long lasting they are. I love that they are cruelty free n no nasty chemicals. Being on medication after having my thyroid removed its essential not to add hormone altering chemicals i.e whats in standard perfumes. You've aloud me to have my lifes lil treat back. A girls love with her perfume. Xxxx
Rachael went
I am absolutely delighted with my purchase- I ordered no. 52, which I have to say is so good and is really long lasting. Thanks, I shall be back for more- can't wait to try others if they are as good as this one.
Was!!!! I mean I read all the other testimonial and because this perfumes only uses natural oils and stuff....I bought one... The be delicious...and Was I could not believe in the identical smell and the best of all it last all day, the after, even with a shower! So what I want to say is this perfumes are AMAZING! I love them and recommended to everyone who like a good perfume that stay for a whole day...and with the bonus- it is CHEAP
Mariana Domingues
I've just had the pleasure of opening my no. 79 perfume. I genuinely don't think anybody would tell that I am not wearing the original brand. I'm very impressed with the clever clogs at Eden Perfumes who are able to concoct these beauties; paraben free, phthalates free and cruelty free! I'd like to spread the word so that the company goes from strength to strength and people stop exposing themselves to the toxic "secret fragrants" of the designer brands! A fraction of the price yet a multitude of morals better! Well done!
Bought the Eden version of Creed Aventus. It is excellent and a fraction of the price. It lasts for a good period of time and I would go as far as to say that it is better than the original fragrance as it is more consistent! Staff in the Hove shop are a pleasure to deal with, really friendly and helpful!
Thank you for delivering the perfume so quickly! I took a gamble buying perfume online, but smelling it, it smells JUST like my mothers perfume. I'm so pleased to be able to buy her cruelty free perfume for her birthday next week. If you can recreate Valentino for men or Tom Ford Sahara Noir, then I'll be your new favourite customer!
I can't believe how fabulous these perfumes are! Received my order yesterday of 2 of my favourite scents, that having been vegan for 16 years, unable to wear any longer. Bravo Eden perfumes! You are doing us a great service. It is also very reassuring to know there are no nasties as I do my best to avoid these. Recommend to everyone. Thank you and happy new year.
Sarah Wall
Absolutely amazing product and fantastic quick service. I have avoided perfume for the last few years being a vegan, and have really missed it - I got the alien one, I love it, and will definitely be trying more x
I've now tried and tested approximately 10 of your perfumes and my latest delivery once again fills me with such surprise and amazement of how identical your perfumes are to the original brands, I think I'm addicted to your perfumes! Can't rave and dance about your company enough and I have to highly recommend people to purchase any of your fragrances, ladies, and oh my goodness the fragrances for men are also out of this world! Thanks so much for continued amazingly fast delivery and helping me to smell amazing without contributing to any animal cruelty or emptying my bank account! Xx ❤️
Jade Brook