Well I never!! Received this today, I love my CK1 but in last 18 mths or so have had awful sneezing fits (usually before mascara has dried, and ended up with "Morse code" on brow bones?) and felt generally 'snuffly' -this fragrance completely indistinguishable from the original, am so pleased I have found this company - deliberately sprayed it near my face and waited.....and no snuffles/sneezing whatsoever! What an inspired concept , good luck Eden team, will be spreading the news up here!
Julie Walker
I ordered Number 16 Nina from Nina Ricci. I am delighted, smells exactly the same and the smell stays all day long, will definitely buy again!
Over the moon! Received my perfumes today, I couldn't be happier. Smell exactly like my old favourites that I had to give up being vegan. Versace bright crystal and D&G L"imperitrice
Ordered no.90 a few months ago but wanted to give it a fair trial before reviewing. It smells exactly like Valentina by Valentino, sans the cruelty and chemicals. And it's just as potent - just a couple of sprays is all that's needed and it lasts all day. So glad I found it, and can't wait to buy more!
Have just received my perfume , and it is lovely , smells just like Bulgari ! Thanks so much , will defo order again x
Amazing shop with amazing ethics! Love 307 which has similar notes to Jimmy Choo, smells exactly the same. I'll no doubt be buy again soon! Thank you so much!
charlotte king
Well what can I say, I'm absolutely over the moon with my Eden perfume, No.68 smells honest to God exactly like Armani Code! It used to be my all time favourite in my pre-vegan days and I'm stoked I can now use it again without all the animal-cruelty involved. Can't believe I've been vegan for three years and only ordered from Eden perfumes now, I will definitely buy again!
Claudia Hoffmann
I've just received my order and I'm amazed, 309 smells exactly like Daisy which used to be my favourite perfume! So pleased with it I will definitely be ordering more, it's so hard to find vegan cruelty free perfumes I'm so glad I can enjoy them again!
Just received my order! Wow! It's just like the original £60 version at a fraction of the price, and I know that no animals have suffered during making of this! Thankyou so much! Will be buying this reguarly.
Have just received my first Eden perfume, and am in love! It's so lovely, and smells exactly the same as my favourite brand, I will definitely be buying a collection! Thank you ! :)