My daughter bought me 491 Olympia for Christmas and I have about a third of a bottle left. What a beautiful perfume! One thing that amazes me is how long it lasts on my skin. Most perfumes wear off within a few hours but I can smell it through the whole day, and when at work at night I've had comments on how strong it is after so many hours. The absolute best part is that is vegan and cruelty free, and telling others that it's vegan. Most have no idea you get vegan perfumes and they're astounded by how good it smells. £18 for a 3-4 month supply is an absolute steal. Now if only I could do a search for Paul Smith Rose and I'd be ecstatic!
Heather Moore
Fabulous perfume No. 7, love it. The most important thing to me is that it isn't tested on animals. Great product
Sally Clement
I cannot recommend these fragrances enough. They are spot-on when compared to the originals, having as good, if not BETTER wear on the skin (they are seriously incredible quality). To have a cruelty-free and vegan version of my old faves is pretty mind-blowing. P.S I bought the no.54, (like 'Hypnose'), and no.63, (like 'For Her' by Narciso) and they are both perfect. THANK YOU!
I have received no 60 (like Armani She) and no 85 (like Chloe) as birthday presents. Smell amazing, they really smelly very closely to the real thing although the no 85 seems stronger and lasts a bit longer. So good to have the choice without the cruelty.
I bought Eden 492, which has the scents of Tom Ford, Black Orchid (492) I have never smelt the this perfume before so didn't have a clue what it would smell like. When I first wore it my hairdresser asked me if I was wearing Tom Ford, Black Orchid, and when I was at keep fit two girls asked me if I was wearing Tom Ford.
Bought several of these perfumes now and am truly astonished how authentic they smell. How do you do it? Being vegan I normally have to spend a fortune buying niche brands. So lovely to be able to revisit old favourites from my youth, that I thought were lost forever. Makes you wonder why the originals are so expensive.
Deborah Bulless
Today I had my delivery! Ive got no 83 no 168 and no 15!!!!! Love them so much they are amazing! Very well done for you guys keep doing that!!!
I'm so impressed with the quality! The scent has an incredible lasting power, 100% accurate to the original Chloe perfume.
I got the Eden versions of Nina Ricci Nina and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille - I'm stunned at how similar they smell to the real thing! I refuse to buy fragrances tested on animals but most of my old favourites are so Eden is an absolute delight, and for such a good price too! I'll be buying all my perfumes here now!
Anna Barnard Wright
So I got no. 32 (similar to Miss Dior Cherie) and no. 161 (similar to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier), and I am literally over the moon with joy at how good these perfumes are. Number 32 smells EXACTLY right to me, I could actually cry! Miss Dior is my all time favourite scent and since going vegan I was really sad to have to give it up. But now I don't need to give it up *weeps*. The no.161 smells VERY similar (but not quite spot on) to Le Male, but I have to admit I actually like it better. Le Male is quite a popular scent as well, so the slight difference just helps it stand out from the crowd. Altogether, I'm so happy with my purchase and will definitely be getting more from Eden in the future.
L. M.