491 is a lovely musky perfume - i love it thanks!
anna lowe
At last I've found a vegan perfume that I love.Long lasting,no excessive packaging,great prices.Will be recommending to all my friends,and ordering more.Super fast delivery as well.Thankyou!!!???
Alaine Blaylock
The best perfumes i have found, i could not wear my favourite scent for years because i could not bring myself to use anything animal tested. Not only does the perfume (my pure poison) smell just like the big brand it lasts for ages on my skin. I will be back for many more.
Hannah Goddard-Stuart
Perfumes with more soul than the orginal Perfumes ,less aggressive(chemicals???) Thank you!!!!!!!i am Vegan and VERY HAPPY!
Definately the best vegan perfumes around. I cant testify if they smell like the big brands as eden dont do my favourite ? and unfortunately im a tad too far away from Brighton to pop in and get you to mix my favourite (currently the only way to get your favouri blend if not already stocked) 8.5/10 (would be 10/10 if you could do my favourite D&G red top). Having said all that ive purchased my favourite fragrance & classic woman, both smell beautiful & expensive. Both long lasting. Excellent value for money. Best of all no animal cruelty. Win!
These perfumes are amazing! Someone recommend them on the Vegan UK facebook page and I was so happy to find them! Giving up my perfumes was a hard but easy choice in the end, so to find Eden Perfumes literally matched my favourite ones. Number 83 is spot on for my favourite fragrance, I also got 85 Choley and 15 Adore, they are also gorgeous smells, and so reasonably priced. I will be recommending these to everyone!
Bethany Marsh
Shame the new versions are so limited. I bought 460 which is floral but smells strange.
anna lowe
Being Vegan myself I was so happy when I discovered these beautiful perfumes, they are the best vegan perfumes I have tried so far, I have gotten so many comments on how nice I smell, It goes to show that a cruelty free version CAN be done, thank you Eden! ?
Eden, your perfumes are incredible! I can’t praise them enough for the ethics, quality, and pricing. I’ve purchased 492 for myself and 83/46 for my Mum and Sister so far, all have been ideal, thank-you!
I bought the Vegan Angel just before Christmas, It is absolutely beautiful and smells like the real thing (not that I've worn the real thing for years) !! and it's really nice to be able to wear fragrance again, knowing that it's non animal tested. I will definitely buy from again Many Thanks
Sue H