I recently purchased your lavender perfume from a vegan festival in glasgow.I absolutely love it,thank you.I look forward to buying from you again
Linda Fyvie
Just got my first order of S-Cali Portofino and Citrus Fresh and I love them! I will be ordering more but I do need to get down to your shop as I would like copies of my old faves that I can't buy anymore as they test on animals. I am so glad I found you, thank you!
Marie-Anne Knight
Just recieved epik man and tuscan leather and amazed at how they smell like the original,really strong after one spray. More purchases in the future..big thumbs up.
Sean c
I bought "The One" by D&G last year, completely forgot to review my purchase. Just wanted to let Eden know how pleased I've been with this perfume, so glad it is vegan most important. It really does smell very similar to the original and it is well worth the money. It is also long lasting and the fragrance definitely lasts. I will definitely purchase some others that can replace my old ones. Thanks Eden, keep up the good work. Any chance of creating "Deep Red" by Hugo Boss at all? Cheers x
I was bought the equivalent of my favourite fragrance and was so blown away by it that I immediately purchased Opium- both of these scents are amazing and as a vegan, I can wear with a conscience. My mother wears only Miss Dior...im hoping that you could come up with your brilliant take on that?? I'm soon to run out and will return for perfume- I can honestly say that I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Eden xxxx
The best Perfumes i have come across, i ordered no.405 which is a cruelty free vegan equivalent to la vie est belle by Lancome , and i was thrilled on how long it lasts ages
Sally Cooper
I can finally say that I have found an alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to my favourite fragrance No.83 and it smells identical, I am chuffed
Mary Noah
Brilliant helpful staff. They both helped me select a scent. So many wonderful aromas to choose from.
Just bought 483 - Pomegranate Noirre - and I can testify to incredible staying power of the perfume, due to the fact that after 4 days, I can still smell it on my skin, albeit feintly. That's even after, scrubbing my wrists with strong soap, and even alcohol sanitiser to try and get rid of it. Nothing would shift it. I could barely breathe it was so overpowering. I found it extremely difficult to be around myself. I had to drive with the windows open in my car and it was still overpowering. I had to leave the hospital room that my dad was in because it was so strong that it was affecting his already failing lungs, even after using the hand sanitiser in his room. I only sprayed one spray on each wrist. Thank god I didn't spray any on my neck! I gave the bottle immediately to my daughter in case she would like it, but she said it was too overpowering for her as well. So, well done on making your perfumes last as long as they do - this is my second perfume from you. I am truly astounded at how long the scent lasts. It's just not good if you want to be in company, or be on your own.
Heather Moore
Absolutely brilliant! I am so impressed with this company. I purchased one for myself and one for my fiancé and we are both shocked at how spot on they really are. They also last which is sometimes hard to find. Very fast delivery as well - I can't fault them at all! Will defo buy from here from now on and it just goes to show being Vegan doesn't mean missing out!