To be honest, I was not expecting much from the perfume as I’ve been frequently disappointed with the alternatives to the mainstream perfumes, but I was totally proved wrong! This perfume is amazing!! I made the decision a few years ago to go cruelty free but there are fragrances which i really miss. I ordered the Roberto Gold which is supposed to be similar to Roberto Cavalli. I honestly could have cried when I sprayed it. It brought back such lovely memories. It smells just like it but somehow better. I am soo impressed that I have straight away ordered the Boss Orange versions. Please keep doing what you are doing!
Laura Fox
OMG! I have just received my first purchase. What can I say? It's absolutely amazing! I bought Anais and it smells slightly better than the original perfume. I have to say, I was very nervous about ordering online nose blind so to speak, but boy I'm so glad that I did. There's nothing better than smelling designer without any wrong doing to any animals. I think you guys are just amazing! I will never EVER get my purfume from anywhere else! I'm actually ordering more bottles for my Christmas presents now I know they're quality. I'm actually thinking of driving from Birmingham to your shop to get my own fragrance made up. It will be worth the journey. Xxx
Eileen Hogan
As a rule I only ever write a review if I'm seriously impressed by a product/company. I've just received my first ever order from Eden perfumes, 3 gift boxes containing 3 x10ml bottles of assorted fragrances. 415 jasmine noir, 483 pomegranate noise, 492 black orchid & chocolate.! These fragrances are outstanding, longevity is excellent and although I expected (hoped) that they would resemble their designer counterparts I was thrilled at how true & accurate the perfume is to my old favourites. They don't smell like a feeble, cheap copy, they smell expensive and luxurious. I'd stopped buying designer fragrances for the last 3 years due to the chemicals and questionable ingredients. I got tired of spending serious $$$ on inferior quality products that were tested on animals & migraine inducing aware that the consumer is funding a huge glossy advertising campaign & celebrity endorsements rather than quality ingredients. I'm thrilled to have discovered Eden Perfumes & have already recommended them to my family & friends who are also happy to make a swap. Gorgeous fragrances at a great price, a healthy alternative to mainstream brands, whats not to love!
L Hill
I purchased No. 492 which arrived yesterday. I am thrilled with this perfume. It smells exactly like the Tom Ford version, except it lasted longer. Throughout the day the notes changed but just got better and better. I was left with colleagues asking what the beautiful fragrance was at 4pm...vanilla and chocolate were suggested. I have been buying my perfume from EDEN for 3 years now and love the fact that they are cruelty free and made from natural substances. My daughter is plagued with allergies but has never reacted to these perfumes in the way that she did with the higher priced, designer chemically manufactured products. Thank you EDEN and please keep on keeping on!
Lisa J
467 is absolutely exquisite, I'm so pleased with it. I will never buy an over priced designer brand perfume again. I recommend Eden to all my friends, especially as it's from my home town.
Finally - I can wear perfume again! I had to give up wearing regular perfumes year ago when I developed autoimmune illness and could no longer tolerate any strong smells. But Eden perfumes (I now have four) don't affect me; this is fantastic! As are the fragrances, and price. Thank you Eden!
Sarah J
This is honestly the best perfume in the world. I have the one that duplicates La Vie est Belle by Lancome, and every time I wear it someone made a comment about how good I smell. It is 100% authentic, yet doesn't involve animal testing, any harmful chemicals, vegan and super affordable. Also the staff are so nice, helpful and clearly passionate about their products. When I went to their store near Churchill Square I was served by kindest man in the world and he really took his time to advise me and answer all my questions. I honestly don't know why anyone would get their perfume anywhere else.
Wonderful shop-knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff-perfumes are strong and very long lasting and very true to the description- I could smell the Tuscan Leather all day- love it and a real godsend to find a cruelty free and vegan affordable fragrance 11/10 !!!
David J
I am absolutely in love with Eden perfumes. I ordered pomegranate noirre just to try - and I have now ordered a 50ml and a koko black in 50ml. Blows the originals out of the door - vegan and cruelty free too! I will always order my perfumes from here now.
I have worn Thierry Mugler Angel for years and was so pleased it was vegan and not tested on animals until the dreaded "we are selling in China" statement came through! So, I had a look around and went with the Eden version. I didn’t think it would smell like it... I was wrong it is so similar it’s crazy! I am on my second bottle. Thank you so much! I’m one happy gal! :)
Sophie Thompson