Thank you Eden, I love that I can wear an animal free version of my favourite perfume, The smell is divine and so much like the original. Scent so far is lasting, I sprayed a little in the morning. I will be buying again!
Haleema Rasul
I had almost given up finding any animal friendly good smelling perfume let alone vegan friendly too. I got 15 (J'Adore) for my birthday which I always used to wear but had to stop buying, now I can wear it again!! I ordered 83 something I hadn't had for a long time. Delivery was very quick and the smell is amazing. Great value and great ethics. Will buy again from this amazing place.
This was my first time trying Eden perfumes after searching for fragrances that did not test on animals and that were vegan. I ordered six perfumes in total (nos. 32, 34, 309, 62, 15) and shipping was incredibly fast, especially considering I live in the US. All of the perfumes smell lovely and the customer service is fantastic! I'm so happy with my order and will be placing another one soon!! : )
I was looking for a replacement for La Vie Est Belle and was suggested No.405. Fantastic scent and lasts much longer than perfumes I've tried previously. Glad it's affordable too! Look forward to trying some other scents from this site :)
Fantastic! So glad I found you. I will now be ditching my original perfumes and making the change to safer, natural, vegan and non-animal tested fragrances. I'm loving no. 38 and 83, the ones that smell almost identical to Givenchy Very Irresistible. Been searching for so long and finally found safe alternatives to suit budget too. It's so great that you create long lasting fragrances that practically match the designer ones. It helps knowing what a fragrance smells like before buying it. Great customer services too. Can't thank you enough! Will be telling my friends and work colleagues.
Jane Markey
Just bought no 83, and no. 52 which smells like Narciso Rodrigues. To say I am impressed is an understatement!
Jo Berry
I bought 2 perfumes ( Alien and Pure Poison), on Saturday 19th at the Stourbridge Vegan fair. The smell is perfect and lasted so long i was actually shocked as often perfumes don't last on me. I will certainly be back for more as they are exceptional value.
Denise Richards
My boyfriend bought me No.490 Imperatrice No.3 DG - Floral Aquatic for my birthday as my absolute favourite perfume was L'Imperatrice by D&G. I am in love! Literally cannot tell it apart from the D&G one, except it's cheaper, cruelty-free AND vegan 3 excellent!! Will be buying more from you
Wonderful! My signature fragrance was always Opium, but the tones seem to have been changed. This Opiam, vegan version, is as beautiful as the original. I shall buy this over and over. Thank you! for the fragrance, and for the compassion.
Heather Tomlinson
I bought Daisy and Bomb Flower - both smell absolutely gorgeous and very similar to the branded versions. It's fantastic to find vegan perfumes online with a point of reference like your search feature, so I have a good idea of what I'm buying. I will definitely buy all my perfumes from you going forward ?
Siobhan M