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No.587 Lemon Verbena – Fruity Floral Unisex

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Clean, Fresh lemon. It’s so lemony & beautiful but not sour, more green and herbal and a tad sweet. This is an excellent summer day scent, both energetic and happy yet cosy and comfortable. It is not a fragrance for performance and not usually recommended for going out . Suitable for wearing at work and if you don’t want to offend your fellow colleagues by overpowering your fragrance to them.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Verveine by L’Occitane en Provence.


Grand total
Lemon, Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Lemon, Orange
Lemon Verbena, petitgrain

Middle Note Ingredients

Lemon Verbena, petitgrain
Geranium, Rose

Base Note Ingredients

Geranium, Rose

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1 review for No.587 Lemon Verbena – Fruity Floral Unisex

  1. Rachel

    Lemon in a bottle. True it doesn’t last a long time (citrus’ are hard to pin down!) but that adds to its lightness and it is such a beautifully clear and crisp scent!

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