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No.525 Nectarine Blossoms – Floral Fruity Gourmand Unisex

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A gorgeously refreshing fresh-out-the-shower kind of fragrance that contains all the warmth of spring in a bottle. Fruity and sweet, this perfume combines nectarine and peach with a distinct fresh green opening. It smells a little bit like walking through a grove of peach trees just as they are coming into blossom – imagine yourself being rained down upon by the petals of the flowers as the sun shines down onto your face. It’s a lovely fragrance to wear in warmer months and suits both day and night-time wear. Lasts a long time on the skin and projection is excellent. Anytime you want to feel fresh as a daisy, pick this perfume!

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Nectarine Blossom & Honey Jo Malone London


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Green Notes, Blackcurrant, Petitgrain

Top Note Ingredients

Green Notes, Blackcurrant, Petitgrain
Nectarine, Black Lockust

Middle Note Ingredients

Nectarine, Black Lockust
Vetiver, Peach, Plum

Base Note Ingredients

Vetiver, Peach, Plum

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3 reviews for No.525 Nectarine Blossoms – Floral Fruity Gourmand Unisex

  1. Stephanie Donatello (verified owner)

    Iv just recieved this perfume and it is gorgeous! I wanted a Springtime scent, and this smells of green grass, and is also delicately peachy….really the way a garden smells after light rain…..i keep spraying and sniffing…..ohhh its making me feel so happy!!!

  2. Emma Murphy

    Emma Murphy (verified owner)

    Got this delivered today and smells as good as the original.
    Also lasts longer on the skin than the alternative that’s over 100 quid.
    You’re definitely my new one stop shop for all my scents x

  3. Noor

    Love love love this perfume and specifically the Eden version! When I smelt the original Jo Malone one (Nectarine Blossom and Honey), I instantly became obsessed with the scent but it annoyed me how short it lasted. So I got the Eden version and I am SO happy with it! It smells exactly like the original one and lasts much longer. Thank you, Eden!

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