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No.579 Libra – Oriental Fougere Women’s

5.00 (1)

This starts with a warm musky embrace and a powdery lavender base. It smells popular, yet manages to utter it’s Hello’ in a charismatic way. It will surely grab peoples attention. A white flowers accord heart shapes the lips and its breath is milky and seductive. Suitable for the night & going out in a nice silky dress.


Grand total
Mandarin, Lavender, Blackcurrant, Petitgrain

Top Note Ingredients

Mandarin, Lavender, Blackcurrant, Petitgrain
Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Blossom

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Blossom
Vanilla, Cedar, Amber, Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Vanilla, Cedar, Amber, Musk

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1 review for No.579 Libra – Oriental Fougere Women’s

  1. Leonie Gehrke

    Leonie Gehrke

    Smells very pretty and lasts 🙂 I definitely get the similarity to the original. It’s a nice office scent that appears professional and likeable at the same time. You definitely smell the orange blossom and the creamy notes. I didn’t wear perfume since I became vegan so I’m glad to have found Eden and explore their fragrances 🙂

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